I've Got Nothing but Time...

Four years ago I made the difficult decision to become a SAHM. It was a difficult choice. I spent a lot of time, money and energy earning not one degree, but two.  I truly enjoyed my job. It was challenging and fun. I already had an older child who went to an in home day care that I loved and trusted. But...things change and the choice was made. I would stay home and take care of the house and the family....more

Why Your Cell Phone is Your Worst Enemy

There has been much written about the cost and benefit of cell phone/smart phones. I mean seriously, how great that we can press a few buttons and read the news, catch up with old friends, or back out of dinner with the mother in law without actually having to talk to her.But... the other day I had a moment when I realized how sad it is that our children are growing up with their parents faces buried in their phones.  Here's what happened:...more

Why are my Halloween Decorations any of Your Business???

So we are new to our neighborhood. This was our first Halloween here in the new 'hood.  In our old 'hood we did evening trick or treat. One family organized it, families signed up.  A sheet of participating houses was passed out. Those who didn't participate kept their lights low/off (or disappeared for a few hours - bah0humpbug to you!).So when we moved I was disappointed to learn that the new 'hood did daytime trick or treat over the weekend.  What a bummer. What's the point of carving a pumpkin if no one will see it???...more

I'd never...the parental version

All the things I said I would never do as a parent:...more

When Your Husband is a Little TOO Helpful

I know I shouldn't complain about this...and there are many women out there who will think I'm crazy - BUT my husband is driving me absolutely MAD!...more

Me vs. The Car Seat: Game on B@tches!

This is not a commentary on how great being a mom is...sure it has its great moments and during those times when I'm losing my mind (which are coming more often than I'd like) I like to look back on those moments of greatness and say "yup, this is why I am a mom". It could be something cool like watching my big boy get on the bus for the first day of kindergarten or my little girl run up to me and say "I'm practicing my pirouettes" but these moments are often over shadowed by the inability to find their backpack when it is literally two-inches from his face. ...more
@Denise  Amen!!!more

Women's Best Friend: when you lose your pet...

The last twelve hours has been a whirlwind. I'm still not sure if I've caught up to everything happening.  My sweet dog was put to rest today. She has been suffering with Liver Disease for over a month now....more

Baby Time- T minus 11 hours until C-Section!

I should be sleeping, but who am I kidding??? I wake up 3 times a night to pee, so when this plan went into effect for the night before c-section I was okay with it. You see I have gestational diabetes and my c-section (repeat) is tomorrow.  The diabetes was mostly okay but it seems that I have become somewhat insulin resistant towards the end here.  It was pretty late to start changing meds around now. On top of that, they scheduled my section for noon (which is late). No one is sure why, in hindsight, but the facts are the facts....more
Good luck! You'll figure out the name. :)more

Top Ten Secret Mommy Confessions - What do I think???

So I was reading this ...more