Older Baby Boomers problems portent disaster for Medicare

40% of older baby-boomers (ages 50-64) say they have trouble with routine physical activities such as climbing stairs, reaching overhead, walking a quarter mile & stooping....more

Most ACT test takers not really college ready

Only 23% of 2009 ACT test-takers were ready to earn a C or higher in the four core subjects of English, reading, math and science, according to a recent study by the American College Testing Service (ACT).  By looking at the ACT scores of presently enrolled college students who are earning As, or Bs, or Cs, ACT determines a minimum ACT “college readiness” score.  Students who achieve the college readiness score have a 50% chance of earning a B or better grade and a 75% chance of earning a C or better grade....more

British Schools Boycott NCLB type tests

Many teachers and parents in US complain about the wrongheadedness of constant testing mandated by No Child Left Behind.  They question the validity of the testing regime as an accurate measure of student learning as well as pointing out that other ways of assessing student learning, such as portfolios and projects, are ignored.  Critics also argue that  NCLB has resulted in too much ‘teaching to the test.’  But in Britain, they do more than complain - local schools are boycotting the tests....more