A Woman Who Knows What She Wants

If you ask the population of men in the dating world what is the #1 characteristic that they look for in a woman, most will give an answer along the lines of “a woman who knows what she wants.”  OK, great. But, what exactly does that mean?  To read more, click here....more

5 Reasons for Why I Want To Be My Brother

My brother is a rad dude.  If he ever heard me say that, he’d probably say I’m crazy.  But, no really, he is....more

Why You Should Say Yes

I’ve been reading a lot of posts lately on “Saying No.”  The messages are usually crafted around a discussion of life as the never-ending guinea pig wheel, feeling trapped in the continuous and urgent push forward.  Dinner tonight? Yes.  Coffee date on Thursday? Yes.  Meet another deadline? Yes.  Write another blog post?  Yes.  The articles paint the portrait of individuals saying yes to everything because there is not enough time to focus on why they should say no....more