Striped tuna with sesame

  Yesterday I knew a woman that I surprised me I do not often feel this way.  I went to see my doctor to receive the hospital discharge report. My particular doctor wasnt , I attended  me  his substitute . He didnt’ know me so he refused to give me the hospital discharge report. I asked him to please, I begged him.  It  was a simple administrative formality, but he refused.    Foto: Leonado de Armas ...more

The lateral thinking

When I was a child, one day the washer had broken down. A sweater got stuck between the washing machine drum and the structure. We could not get  the sweater. My mother was angry, was left without washing machine and with  three children. From my child's mind wanted to help my mother, so I tried to fix the washer   without my mother even noticing.  ...more

Tourist to Europa: Barcelona

Barcelona is a city open to the sea for many years thanks to the Barceloneta beach,located in the district of the same name....more
Love Love Love Barceloana! Great Post!more

A very sweet surprise: cake of chocolate

Surprise Crafts: cake of chocolateWith this fun craft, easy and inexpensive, You can make a delicious and fun gift.Ingredients...more

Tortillas mexicanas

Tortillas mexicanas ...more

The fruits

Carolina is my dog

Children and animalsHow many times has your child asked you have a puppy? How many times have you told him not? Because you live in an apartment, because you have to take him out, because you have to educate. There are a thousand reasons to say no, but you had the luck of having a dog as a kid? it is not necessary to explain how important it is for a child to have a pet....more