The Widow Colony

I have to admit, that I had no idea that this had happened in the wake of the assasination of Indira Ghandi.  I remember chaos and horror, but no specifics.    And sadly, no specifics with a human face. ...more

Oh Canada

Censorship in Canda?? -(can't get hyper link to work in Chrome) The current leander of our country is showing discomfort at allowing Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party to participate in the televised debates. In my view this is insane and I totally agree with Stephane Dion, the Liberal Party leader whe he was quoted as saying   ...more

Health Care..Canada and the UK..some good references

Throughout all the fierce discussion and debates that are flying around BlogHer regarind the up and coming election...Healthcare seems to be a big issue. Canada's version of this gets mentioned quite a lot. Michael Moore made it sound like heaven. It isn't. It has problems. But it is still good....and like the UK's NHS, FAR from some scary socialist welfare system. Our doctors make good money too. Canada and the UK are far from some wacky socialist states...we are not communists. ...more

From the top down it needs fixing...but it is fixable..if you can get the beaurocrats noses ...more

West Coast Women are Representing! Yay Canada

While BlogHer DOES have a good representation of Canadian Women Bloggers, I think the majority of the fine ladies are from the Eastern side of the Rockies. With exception of the GREAT mention of NetChick and her cause...thanks for that! Since I started out primarily as a mommy blogger, I found I was reaching out to mom bloggers across the net and subsequently all over Canada and the States. ...more


I attended a  VANCOUVER version of WordPress evening where speakers and audience alike basically enthused about all things WordPress.   Now....I am speaking at the NEXT WordPress Camp...RIGHT BEFORE BLOGHER!!!   This is how popular blogging and all it's permutations is out WEST!   ...more

Canada's Medical System....the image is becoming tarnished

Last night and today a very sad story was reported on the local news. A grief stricken woman stood before a press conference to tell how she lost her baby. ( She had been leaking amniotic fluid and called her clinic repeatedly for advice. She was told not to worry. When she went into heartbeat was detected. The health authority is not commenting on what happened. When I read this my heart just ached for the woman. I lost mine baby before Christmas. I was 26 weeks along. ...more

O'Hare to Chicago Lakeshore Thursday Afternoon

My flight comes in at 3pm from Canada...anyone else arriving around that time and want to share a cab???? ...more

Scary, huge O'Hare.
Nerd's Eye Viewmore

Dumb BlogHer Question regarding the schedule

Hey there a printable version of the two days schedules? I would love to print it out to read and make notes etc...pre planning and all that! ...more

Hi Crunchy,

I think this is a great question. We'll have a printed guide at the conference, ...more

Greetings from the land of self doubt and if onlies.....

C' have at least visited there right? Cyber name is Crunchy Carpets. I have used the name as a handle on parenting sites and it seems to have stuck.... Much like the things stuck on my carpets and never to be cleaned. ...more

I'm not going to pretend that I completely understand because I'm not a parent. However, I have ...more

Sticking my nose in and seeing what is it all about!

Hi there....thought I would finally see what it was all about after seeing the blogher logo plastered on so many of the blogs that I have recently become addicted to! I just started blogging last month and am an addict already. ...more

I added my blog to the blog roll when I joined, maybe over a week ago and I'm still waiting for ...more