motherhood at 1am

Sometimes motherhood is incredible, like nailing a test you didn’t study for or finding twenty bucks in your pocket. Little moments of joy and surprise. And sometimes it feels like that dating relationship you know isn’t quite healthy for you. Even when I don’t like you, I have this desperate, bawl-my-eyes-out love for you. You’ll smile at me sideways or lean into my chest as I’m starting to put you down, and I am all at once undone. I come apart ...more

five months


The Blog Dare, Day 1

I came across The Blog Dare for June on my madeleines and have decided to give it a go. I love the idea of daily prompts, especially since my inspiration seems to be a bit sapped lately. Here goes: |Prompt| I lived… ...more


I didn’t blog at all last week. And I, more than anyone I think, hate when blogs I love don’t post consistently. For the last week I’ve been in a funk. Like a, hard-to-get-out-of-bed funk. I know staying at home is what I’m supposed to be doing, but more often than not I find myself wandering around the house not knowing where to start. Sometimes very little other than caring for the baby gets done. Can anyone else relate? Any ...more

who’s leading who?

Before I had Charlotte, I was a baby expert. I knew exactly what was going down in baby-land, knew I could anticipate my new baby’s every move. I swore I would be on a parent-led schedule, none of this crunchy-hippy baby led crap. It took me all of 4 seconds after she was born to know I wasn’t in charge. For those of you unfamiliar with schedules, I’ll refer you to the chart below: ...more

alt for everyone


one of those days

Yesterday started like this And ended like this ...more

style me pretty

Every year Ben’s work has a Gala every year for top performers. It’s by invitation only and I’m so excited that this is the second time Ben’s been invited (he’s been with the company for 2 years)! Last year my dress was gifted to me by a dear friend, which was amazing. This year, I’m opting to go with Rent the Runway ....more

lactation cookies

My journey with breastfeeding hasn’t quite come to an end, but I thought I’d share something that helps with my supply. After scouring the internet, I found a recipe for “lactation cookies” that I absolutely love ....more

a sacred calling

I’m approaching my first Mother’s Day with a somber mood? It’s a question because I’m not convinced I know exactly how I feel. Before I became a mom, it was a position I respected, but since having Charlotte, I approach with a certain amount of reverence. A sacred, called-to duty that is fun and amazing at times, but isn’t unlike taking up a heavy load day after day ....more