Standing in Line with Boris

 I ran into Boris again, the third time it's hap...more

Unexpected Lessons.

I'm so happy for him! It takes amazing strength to compete in front of a crowd and shake the ...more

Miracle of the Skittish Dog,

Do you ever have dreams that you are standing in a public place in your underwear? I used to have them all the time. It was aways in the same place -- the play ground at Highland Park Elementary School. I spent half my dream hiding in bushes trying to find something I could wear. I remember feeling so relieved when I woke up and realized that it wasn't really happening. I haven't had a dream like that in a long time, thank heavens. ...more

I Did it for You, Girl Scout Mom


You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks, But You Can Buy Her New Snow Pants

We broke with tradition this holiday season and spent the week in Utah with family and friends.  It was a little unsettling leaving a week earlier than I had planned.  I didn't get neighbor gifts delivered, or presents wrapped.  We didn't have Christmas Eve clam chowder or decorate gingerbread houses.  It was all out of whack.    ...more

Je T'Aime

I've read pages of comments today on Facebook about Valentine's Day.  Why do so many people hate it???  I guess it has something to do with being alone, or being dumped, or not having a boyfriend. Before I got married, I was single a long, long time and those years included all of the above.  And yes, it was not fun sitting in the office watching people walk by with dozens of roses, and gigantic stuffed teddy bears (which by the way I despise).  One year I even ...more

Georgia Scissorhands

For CJane, a kindred spirit who shares my love for acrylic hair. Thanks for the conversation... it inspired me to write this story. ...more

Makeup Junkie

Today my daughter handed me a wad of bills. "I've been saving up Mom, take me to Sephora" she said as she slapped them on the table. I was impressed. There was a whole lot of cash sitting there in front of me. ...more

Missing my mom today.more

Take Care of Your Girls


I am a Super Hero

I discovered something about myself last night that I didn't know.  I have super powers.  I do!  It was just like in the movies when a ordinary man discovers he can fly, and that bullets bounce right off his chest when he gets shot by a bad guy.  The ordinary man usually makes this discovery in an extremely dangerous situation, which is what happened to me. Last night. When I was with the Student Driver. ...more