The 5th Belongs to Calvin: The latest I’ve ever been

I have been writing this post in my head for weeks. It’s been on my mind since before November 5th, yet here I am, almost at the end of the mind and finally getting the words down and planning to … Continue reading → ...more

Day 7: What to Say (Capture Your Grief)

Please just say… I don’t know what to say: It’s honest. It shows you know the significance of what happened and that there really are no adequate words. I am sorry: Simple and sincere goes a long way. You’re in … Continue reading → ...more

Day 6: What Not to Say (Capture Your Grief)

They’re in a better place: as a parent, it’s hard to accept that there is a better place for my child than with me, and even though I know being with God is the best place, it won’t stop my … Continue reading → ...more

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: Capturing Grief

Today, I want to share a photo-a-day project I’m participating in called “Capture Your Grief,” which was created by Carly Marie, an amazing force in the babyloss community. It provides a way for bereaved families to process and share their … Continue reading → ...more

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: Rainbow in the city

As the 5th approached, I started wondering what I could write about. I’m still hesitant to write about Charlie much, maybe because I think of this as a space for remembering my other babies, maybe partly because being a part … Continue reading → ...more

The 5th Belongs to Calvin: Calvin’s namesake

A couple years ago, I posted about Calvin’s drawings in the clouds, and including the following photo of a patch Calvin’s godfather, Miquan, had made for his motorcycle jacket. The dragon represents Miquan and the phoenix represents Calvin. Last night … Continue reading → ...more