Even at ten years old, this gave embarrassing a whole new meaning....more

Can You Be BFFs with the Opposite Sex?

As the guy on the TV screen wrestled with his uncooperative bowtie, he looked in the mirror toward the barrier a few feet behind him, where his best friend was busy putting on her dress....more

Who Do You Say that I Am?

“If you live for people’s acceptance, you’ll die by their rejection.”Ahem, excuse me while I go dig that arrow out of my chest. ...more

It's Real

Hi there! My name is Amanda Kaney, and I’m SO excited to be guest posting on Crystal’s blog today. I am an avid lover of all things creative and inspiring, and I’m a romantic at heart. I’m the owner/designer/do-it-all gal of Grace-filled Designs, and I’m a 2nd grade teacher. I have been married to my best friend for 10 wonderful years, and we’ve been on quite a journey....more

Why I'm Giving Up

A friend of mine gave me one of those looks. The kind that’s supposed to mirror encouragement but ends up scrunching into what he really feels for me instead. Pity....more

Does It Ever Quit?

A Little InterventionIt was one of those kinds of days. Beginning of the week after being on vacation. Dreary out. Sore throat. And by 9:00 that morning, I was pretty confident strapless bras were from the devil. No doubt about it, my day was in serious need of a little intervention.Even though it stopped raining right before lunch, I’d already had my sights set on Starbucks. Green tea to the rescue!...more

What's a Little Turbulence

I quickly realized I'd fastened my seat belt a little too tightly. I pushed up my sleeves and wrestled to loosen the strap. Man, it was hot in there....more

How Can You Ask Me That?

Journey with me for a sec .Knelt down, you tighten your shoelaces. The early morning wind carries faint traces of the sun’s warmth over your arms. You tuck that loose strand of hair back into your ponytail, take a deep breath, and rise to your feet.The bleachers stand before you. Tall. Glistening in the sunlight. Ready to be tackled.Ear buds in, game face on, you rock on the balls of you feet, inhale, and go for it! One stair. Two. You lift your knees, steady your breaths. The higher you climb, the greater the burn, but you keep pushing....more

Is It All A Waste?

“I don’t like them.” Dave’s forehead scrunched with his honest confession.“They’re Macintosh.” What else could I say?“Really?” He pulled his lips to the side. “But they’re all bruised and mushy.”{The horror!}...more

10 Winter-Hater Game Changers

So, this actually happened. Just a random day at the Walton house....more