What Real Bravery Looks Like

 Four words have been on my mind lately. They haven’t been shouting or beating their way to the forefront, trampling over other thoughts. Just a quiet prodding, like a gentle current lapping over rocks in a creek bed.“You’re not a disappointment.”...more

Can Anybody Hear Me?

Exciting Update & Free eBook

 A collective, “Oh…” joined the waves rushing along the beach beside the volleyball net. Everyone stared. Some dawdled, dragged their feet in the sand. Others shielded the sun from their eyes and squinted toward the dilemma. But no one acted.Except for my husband....more

It's Going to Be Okay

Head down, hands bracing the sink’s edge, I close my eyes. The weight of things beyond myself curl my shoulders forward a little more. I lean on my palms, waiting for answers, direction. Breaths rise and fall, and I keep waiting. For courage. Stability. Hope....more

Gifts Are Never Earned

It was a Goonies attic worthy moment. A garage full of treasures, each one hoping her eight-year-old eyes would choose its adventure over the others. The purple bike with a unicorn designed banana seat? Ooo, or maybe dare the pink ten-speed bike instead. Or the pogo ball. That’s always fun. She could dig out the tennis racquets or the white skates with the hot pink wheels. Though, probably not a good idea to do both at the same time....more

Even When You're Prepared

I thought I was prepared.It wasn’t the first time I’d ridden on the back of Dave’s motorcycle. I knew I’d get off the hard-as-a-rock seat and walk around for a few minutes, looking like I’d just dismounted a horse saddle. I expected it to a take a while for my feet to lose that vibration feel and my hearing to resume its full capacity. I anticipated the slight strangling feeling of the wind gripped around my neck.No big deal. For a forty-five minute drive, a sixty mile to the gallon tank is well worth the price of a little discomfort. Right?...more

5 Vacay Lessons & Only 1 That Matters

Alarm clock? What’s that? Oh, wait, you mean that pesky bandit that leaps from your nightstand to steal your dreams from your pillow? Psh, that’s for real life. Not vacation. Not for a week of daydreams where the song of creativity outplays every other sound. Who needs an alarm when the sweet whisper of joy lures you to the promise of another glorious day?G – L – O – R – I – O – U – S...more

You're Worth the Hurricane

Eight days.Eight days of a clean, orderly, quiet house. No shoes kicked off and left in the middle of the room to trip over. No drawers or cabinets left wide open to run into. No emptied pockets cluttering the dresser top. No hurricanes or tornado paths.The carpet looked vacuumed days after it had been. In the mornings, I gave my side of the covers one little flip and, voila, the bed was made. Laundry? What’s that? And dinners? Popcorn passes, right? No one to take care of. No one to clean up after. Tranquil evenings of reading without interruption....more

Heart Etchings From a Yet-to-Be-Mom

An unread letter written on Sept 10, 2011...more

Is It Worth It?

We couldn’t pass it up. When would we get this chance again? It was perfect.Almost.Free from the demands of the conference, the rest of the day was all ours. I couldn’t get out of the hotel quickly enough. Ahh…the extensive beauty of San Francisco. A haven of artistry. Tantalizing possibilities. One afternoon. How would we spend it?Doing what any other two east coast tourists would do, of course. Go on a camera-ready, completely insane escapade to see the sights. Starting with the “it sounded plausible at the time” idea to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. Mm hmm....more