Promoting Health

Most of us have experienced the rise in healthcare costs. Add that troubling fact to our latest economic woes, and it's easy to see how many people will be forced to play a juggling game with their monthly budgets. ...more

Remember the Promise

We are closing in on the end of 2008, and though there is still time for us to gather our thoughts and set up our personal goals for the coming new year, it would serve us well to remember some of the promises we, as a global civilization, have made in the past -- specifically the promise to end poverty. As women, it is particularly important for us to be aware of the fact that women comprise nearly 70% of the world's 1.3 billion poor people. ...more

Teach them Life Skills

Are your children learning life skills at school?  If not, you'd be wise to integrate those lessons into your home life, because many kids are graduating from high school without a clue about how to function out there in the real world. ...more

Fishing and Hunting

I love it, and sometimes I loathe in, but never do I forget how blessed I am to be part of it.  I am speaking of course, of the democratic process of electing our public officials.  Based on Census 2000 results, there were 217.8 million people in the voting age population. In the 2000 presidential election, only 111 million people voted. We’ll need to do better than that this time. ...more

It's On

Wow. Things are happening fast. I barely had a chance to collect my thoughts regarding Barack Obama's speech last night. Now I wake up to find that Senator McCain has selected and announced his running mate: Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The McCain camp didn't waste a minute - they sought to trump Obama's glory by taking over the news, and perhaps they did. At any rate, if the democrats had hoped to soak up the joy of a spectacular and moving convention for a day or two, we were mistaken. ...more

I agree - she's anti-choice and not well qualified.  Especially if McCain should die while in ...more

The Hope it Changes Agenda

Okay, based on a front-page New York Times article this morning, people are realizing that having hope is not enough.  Senator Obama will need to get specific about his hopes and buy into the exact vision he has for making changes.   ...more

Learning to Jump Hurdles

Are you a member of the enviable group of women who always seemed to be sure of themselves? Were you raised to be a strong person despite the fact that you were born female? And by strong, I’m referring to mind and spirit strength, not the more physical kind.  As you grew into the person you are, did someone give you the message often and robustly that the number of your chromosomes wasn’t a determining factor in your worth? ...more