Blogs: What a girl wants

Blogher is a blog community for women, so I have a question only women who follow blogs can answer.  Actually, I have several questions.  It's quick, easy, and you'd be helping me with my college coursework (Yes, I actually get college credit for blogging). Please, come out of lurk mode and comment here or via email at
@elisa freschi Thank you for your thoughtful reply.  That's exactly what I'm looking for!  As ...more

Activating Your Core

When I first started working with my trainer, he told me to do a certain exercise right, I needed to activate my core."I don't have a core.""Everyone does.  It's just buried."Nice, I thought sarcastically.  But I still came back for more.Many moons later, I feel like I do have a core, even if it is a little buried, and I can do things I once thought were lost forever.  Having a stronger core gives me a sense of power, but also a sense of balance....more

Get a Real Job

Every writer, artist, actor, entrepreneur or creative type I know has wrestled at some point in their life with the dreaded "real job."  At one point, some well-meaning person will say--usually in what they think is in the other person's best interest--that it's time they gave up the nonsense and got "a real job."Flirting with a Day Job...more