Spooktacular popsicles

Trick-or-treating in style!


"In-a-pinch" Berry Jam

Summer Lemon Pasta

A girlfriend of mine is embarking on a 3-week European vacation tomorrow.  She'll be visiting London, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Florence and Venice.  As she was planning her itinerary the last few weeks, I started to recall all my travels to France and Italy and inevitably, I remembered all the delicious food I consumed.  From baguettes and tarts to pasta and gelato, each meal was so heavenly and I long for the day when I can revisit these magical cities and indulge once again....more

Confessions of a serial dieter

I've been on a diet all my life.  From Atkins to Zone, you name it, I've done it.  I've had a lot of success, losing tons of weight, but somehow, I only felt ok-ish.  I was ecstatic when I worked my way into a size 6, but really, my energy and drive were not where they should have been.  Plus, with all the intense calorie-counting and sugar-deprivation, I always, always, ALWAYS crashed and burned.  And I wouldn't just fall off the wagon.  Oh no.  I would fall, roll down the hill AND splash into the oce...more

4th of July Dessert

DIY Personalized license plates

Mommy and me pancakes