ra row... what happened to the last four months!?!?

UHHHHH, what happend to the last four months? All I have to say is, this is what happens when your an extremely busy mom and wife.  Months go by and if you don't take time to get off the roller coaster, you end up like me with lots of unanswered voicemails emails, and a stack of things that to do that has now grown so high that I just want to sweep it all away into the trash can and start fresh.  ...more

WHOA!!! I need some structure!

Whoa, I need some structure!!  I cannot believe that summertime here in New Orleans is almost over!  The heat, not going anywhere, but school is quickly approaching!!  Gone are the days of waking up on our own schedule and lounging by the pool all day.  BOOOO!!!  I am pretty prepared, the girls backpacks have been picked out and monogrammed, school supplies is packed,  and their hair, of coarse, has been cut.  Gone are the long, air dried ponytails, replaced with cute little bobs of the girls choosing.      ...more

Sooooo, how's it going!?!?!

Sooo, how is it going? People ask in a very low tone of voice, like I just lost my Grandmother or worse.  Don't get me wrong, I am not mad or insulted in any way, just perplexed.  How IS it going?  It is going very strange.  ...more

The first day of the rest of my life!

Well, here I am.  Half-way through the first day of the rest of my life!  How exciting!  Not really.  There have been lots of First day's.  Most come on Monday's, when I promise that life will be different, more organized, more patient, happier and put together.  That usually lasts until Wednesday, when the laundry is beginning to catch up with me, and I have already run out of options for dinner.  Like any working, frazzled, and fed up mom, things slowly fall apart until, for my family, Monday.  When the process is begun all over again....more