{ Photos } project 365 week 35 September 11th – September 17 2014

09.17.2014 Perfect Rose of Sharron in my Toronto back yard. 09.16.2014 Robin throwing rocks in Lake Ontario in Toronto’s Beaches. He asked tot go to the beach and we went ....more

Beef Stew with Quinoa and Some Thoughts on Buying Naturally Raised Meat in Bulk

I have taken photos for this recipe...more

{ Photos } project 365 week 34 September 4th – September 10 2014

09.10.2014 We pretty much took photos of tomatoes for a week straight. ...more

project 365 week 33 August 28th – September 3rd 2014

03.09.2014 Yellow Ruffles Tomato. ...more

project 365 week 33 August 21st – August 28th 2014

27.08.2014 Back in the city at the playground by our house. 25.08.2014 Making pumpkin chilli...more

Amazing, Flavourful, Gluten Free Macaroni and Cheese

This is how I make Macaroni and Cheese. And now that school is in full swing I am making lots of it. This is Rebecca practicing her tiny violin ....more

project 365 week 32 August 8th – August 20th 2014

20.08.2014 Pink is the best friend Robin could ask for. ...more

project 365 week 31 August 7th – August 13th 2014

13.08.2014 Our barn at...more

project 365 week 30, July 31st – August 6th, 2014

I’m still taking a photo a day, just having a really hard time getting them posted here on the site. So here we are! Almost 2 months later ....more

Exploring Ontario’s Greenbelt with Green Moms Collective

This time of year is busy for us. After a whole summer at the farm we are back to our weekly routine of traveling back and forth from jobs and school in Toronto to frantically harvesting at the farm 3 days a week. ...more