Yummy Snickers Cupcakes

Hey! Do you like Snickers chocolate? I simply adore this salt and sweet taste! So I've startet to make more and more treats with this delicious ingridients.Last week I decided to try to bake some Snickers cupcakes! I've already featured couple of great similar recipes on my blog but I've never tried to make any by myself!So here is the result and if you like them you can follow complete instruction here ! I hope you will enjoy!...more

Christmas cupcakes collection by Vera

Hello everyone! Last days I was preparing for Christmas so I made couple of uniqu cupcakes for this occasion! If you like them and want to find full recipes and instruction you have to visit my blog cupcakesgarden.com . Enjoy!!! ...more

7 Most Popular Cupcake Flavors and Why

Cupcakes are probably some of the most loved types of cakes that you would find around in the modern day. They come in various shapes and sizes and the flavors are definitely notable elements to consider. Making cupcakes should not be a hard task for you especially when you understand best how to cook the normal cakes. This is because you would still need to use the same ingredients. The only difference is that these cakes are smaller and therefore take a lesser amount of time to get cooked....more