In My Cup {#OurProject52}

Hi, my name is Daenel and I’m a coffee addict. I started drinking coffee when I was about 10 or 11 years old. My parents used to pastor a church when we lived in Italy, and after service, the church would serve refreshments ....more

From Where I Stand {#OurProject52}

Disclaimer: It’s really really really cold outside and I’m a total weather wuss, so these photos are in no way shape or form recent. In fact, I think most of them are from Spring/Summer 2014. My general rule for life is once I can see my breath I only go outside when it’s absolutely positively necessary ....more

Transitional Style Wish List: Cool Day Outfit

I am so completely and utterly done with Winter. Like fantasizing about warmer weather on the islands over it. I go to bed and wake up thinking praying that this’ll be the day that the cold weather breaks and we’ll reach the turning point… Since I can’t exactly force warm weather to come our way, I thought I’d share an outfit that I’m looking forward to wearing when the weather finally does break: Cardigan From...more

Love {#OurProject52}

I have often said that the best gift The Hubs has ever given me is my Nikon D3100 and that includes the children. I honestly never knew how much I enjoyed being behind the camera until he said “Here, have fun.” I’d been taking pictures with my cell phone and then with a GE Power Pro X500 {a bridge camera} but I was ready to move to the next level, I just wasn’t ready to pay that price. So he paid it for me… *swoon* Along with photography, I have a love for all things old vintage ....more

Do It As Unto the Lord

In Him, ...more

My Week on Instagram {6/52}

This past week was all about selling the house. We spent time cleaning and staging the house. I spent time hanging out in a hotel room and in the park and at the mall just to keep the dog away from house hunters ....more

Eyes {#OurProject52}

I got my first pair of glasses when I was about 7 or 8 years old… I remember walking out of the doctor’s office, standing on the sidewalk, looking up at the trees, and being gobsmacked. Trees had individual leaves. I mean, I’d seen leaves, or, at least, the fuzzy outline of single leaves on the ground but I’d never seen them on trees before ....more

#TeamLOTSReads: Book Reveal 2

Finally. You guys, I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to get the next book selection posted. The past few weeks have been a whole bunch of hectic with a side of rush ....more

Motion {#OurProject52}

This is Squeekerz, a Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. He has owned us for about eleven years now. We love him dearly ....more

Book Review: War Brides by Helen Bryan

BOOK DESCRIPTION {FROM THE BACK OF THE BOOK} With war threatening to spread from Europe to England, the sleepy village of Crowmarsh Priors settles into a new sort of normal: Evacuees from London are billeted in local homes. Nightly air raids become grimly mundane. The tightening vice of rationing curtails every comfort ....more