5 Types of Photos All Bloggers Should Stockpile

Have you ever written a fabulous post and then realized that you don’t have a photo to go along with it? Yes? Good, I’m glad I’m not the only one ....more

Motherhood {#OurProject52}

Motherhood. I never knew that I could be so very brave and so very afraid all at the same time. Raising children is not for the weak, man ....more

The Light at the End of the Tunnel {and it isn’t a train}

This is my last full week of work and, man, things are getting real. Next week, the movers will be coming to the house to pack up our stuff and ship it off to Georgia. And the following week I’ll be watching my baby walk across the stage to get her high school diploma....more

Black and White {#OurProject52}

This is my last full week of work, so I’ve been busy making sure that all the little things are done, so I haven’t really had time to get out with my camera and take new pictures. That means I had to dig through my archives to see what I could find to convert to black and white… The thing about black and white images is that you need to have something with a lot of contrast. For the most part, I prefer simplicity in black and white images like the chain link, because your eye knows where to focus ....more

Dress Over Jeans {Repost}

You guys, today we’re having my going away party at work. This makes my leaving all work official and e’erything. As of today I have 6 work days left and that’s it ....more

Salads to Try from Pinterest

One of the things that The Hubs and I have agreed to do once we make the big move to Georgia and settle down is to start adding salads to our meals. Those of you who follow me on Instagram, know already that I’m a big salad lover and would eat them for every meal if I could figure out the logistics. In fact, I briefly thought about starting a salad delivery service ....more

52 Week Project: Flickr Edition

Did I tell you guys that I’m also participating in a 52 Week Project with some of my flickr friends? Oh, how could I leave that out? I thought I told y’all everything! ...more

Out of Focus {#OurProject52}

I absolutely love playing with the focus on my camera, whether it’s to create the beautiful bokeh that you see in the top two photos or for the selective...more

Where is Spring?

Seriously, where is it? I’m trying so hard to usher in Spring. I really am, but the weather just doesn’t seem to want to cooperate with me ....more