The Model in the Picture Saw My Blog - Jigga What?

Recently I decided to lose weight before my vacation. I am a goal-oriented person, so I set a goal for myself to walk every day. I am also a writer, so I gave this goal a title, Be Sore Not Sorry.This title was inspired by a photo I saw on, of course, Pinterest. There is a picture of a woman doing some incredibly awesome push-ups, wearing boxing gloves, and the statement on the picture is something like, You can be sore or you can be sorry. The perfect picture for motivating someone like me to exercise!...more

Be Sore, Not Sorry - Day 19

Friends, I just blew my own mind when I realized that after walking my three miles today, I have walked a total of 18 miles this week! I can't believe it! This has definitely fueled my fire. I'm so glad that Daily Mile starts the week on Monday. This way I can kick off the week inspired to do even better! ...more