Christmas Gluttony?

It seems that as the kids get older, the presents they want get smaller and smaller, but the price keeps going up! Of course, most of what my kids want is technology based. They want iPods and computers, video games and game consoles, etc...My problem is this- If I give them what they want now, knowing that they're still too young to really appreciate it, what the heck am I going to give them next year? Or the year after that? Or when they're teenagers?...more

What I'm Thankful For

If you know me in real life then you know that I married an incredible man, but I don't always appreciate him the way that I should. He works very hard every day so that he can provide for our family. He never complains when I don't have any real estate business and can't contribute to the family bank account. He also never complains when I spend money from said account without checking with him first!...more

Dear Scale: I hate you!

Dear Scale: Please don't take this the wrong way, but I hate you…You entice me to get on each and every time I walk into the bathroom with your sleek black exterior and digital display. You call to me first thing when I wake up and again when I go to bed.  I’ve read the research. I know that when you’re trying to lose weight you shouldn’t weigh yourself daily, let alone two or three times a day. I try to resist. Honestly I do. But you’re like my drug!  I’ve tried to quit cold turkey, but it never works....more