Why I Love My Business

I have been a petsitter now for 5 years and have enjoyed it more than any other career in my life. I started out just looking after a neighbors animals, after that I got more jobs and soon I made it a business. For awhile it was a side job something to earn extra income with my regular jobs such as reporting, recording secretary etc. all these jobs never gave me the joy, satisfaction or freedom of schedule as my business does. ...more

I think I would like to be a pet-sitter too. Even though I'm allergic to animals that I ...more

Blogher Newbie

Lorrie @Cuteangel79 I am a newbie to blogher, I found out about it last year but didn't think about going, this year is different. I checked out the site and found out about the bloghership which allows you to vollunteer and blogher will pay your registration fee which is around 199 untill Feb 28 after that its 298. So this is all new to me I mean theres so many fees to think of hotel,airline, taxi, dinners, etc. ...more