Overcoming Obstacles – Gaining The Inside Advantage

 Sometimes when you face obstacles or things thrown in front of you on your path, what do you do? I guess it depends on the specific situation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that what’s there is meant to block you—it does NOT mean you can’t move forward in a positive direction, in spite of whatever seems to be holding you back.You could find a way to go around, over, or through the immediate “wall” because even when you feel stuck in one place, you are moving forward in time, even if you are not making the progress you would like....more

What Do We Control? -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

Concentrate your energy on whatever it is in your life that you want to change.  In the process, do your best to distinguish between those things that you can and cannot control.Trying to change someone else to make your life better is usually a waste of time and energy. Many of our problems stem from trying to get others to do what we want. We are truly powerless in changing others, so focus on YOU for a CHANGE!Discover the three things over which we have control:  visit CWLauro.com and see my blog dated October 24, 2014....more

The Secret of Success -- Gaining "The Inside Advantage"

An important message can be found in a story I heard many years ago. It’s one I have included in my book "The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things." ...more

More on Letting Go of Anger, Guilt, Regret, Fear, and Worry -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

 Last time I talked about Replacement – deliberately substituting one image or scene, a thought in your  mind,  for another—one that is more beneficial....more

Letting Go of Anger, Guilt, and Regret -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

I recently talked about carrying around excess baggage—the stuff we don’t want or need—the negative thoughts and emotions in our heads and hearts. I mentioned one of the things you can do to help yourself is to examine the negative emotions that are in your life.  I hope that you found the list I prepared (taken from my book The Inside Advantage:  How Ordinary People Can Accomplish Extraordinary Things).If not, I invite you to take a look now at the last few Blogs on my website at CWLauro.com....more

Is It Clutter or Are You Just Surrounding Yourself With What You Love? -- Gaining The Inside Advantage

As I go through my stuff, boxing things up in preparation for the last of three phases of having carpeting ripped up and tile laid, I am becoming more aware of how I surround myself with what I love. I’ve decided to take time, not just to move things from one room to another, but to really look at what I own in the way of things, and to choose to whether or not to display it, keep it and store it away, or give it to charity....more

Giving Up or Letting Go? Gaining "The Inside Advantage"

How do you know when it’s time to give up—fighting for something you believe in, or want to have, or to have happen? To give up seems like a failure of sorts, and we don’t like to fail, to experience loss. You’re not sure if you can let go of your hopes and dreams, of something or someone. Maybe you think or feel that you can’t or don’t want to continue doing what you’ve been doing—thinking and acting in the same way, or perhaps moving in the same direction, or even staying on the same path....more

Why Be Normal?

 What is normal, anyway? I like being unique; and that makes me like everyone else! LOL Although we humans all share basic DNA, there are so many “permutations and combinations” of variables that set us apart and make each one of us different, thinking and behaving in our own unique ways....more

Our Family's Last Video – Expressing Love & Gratitude

As Mom sat next to Dad in the hospital (he had stage 4 lymphoma), she got up, went to the nurses’ station and grabbed her chest in pain. She was having a heart attack; they rushed her to surgery and saved her life. She was determined to hang on to be there at the end for Dad....more