Baggage Emotional or Otherwise!!

So a lot of my focus the past few months has been all about forgiving and forgetting and letting go of all the stuff that is not important. Healing from my divorce and grieving the past and future that will not be because of that is part of it as well. Forgiving my Ex-Husband has been key because as humans we need closure and holding onto anger and resentment will leave you emotionally cripple if you don't nip it in the bud....more

Job Interviews and My Experience So Far.....

Today I went on a job interview and it was way different than I thought it would be. This particular job I was interviewing for is for a Chiropractic Assistant. All in all there were about 12 women, they sat us down to watch a video and then made us fill out a 3 page questionnaire. After we were done that they brought is in one by one to interview us. This part went rather well for me and I feel really confident. Hope fully in a couple days I will have a new job and life will be a little easier for this writer. Personally after the last few years I've had I deserve a break....more

If Facebook is like Crack then Pinterest is like.....

So like I don't have enough things to do in my day than spend another hour online feeding my growing Pinterest addiction. Seriously if they are making any money at all on this website then they are sure to surpass Facebook by the end of the year. For those who don't know what Pinterest is (shame on you), basically its like an online picture book. Members upload favorite pics of animals, quotes, food, places, things, people, etc and other members re-pin and re-pin and so on and so forth....more

Ray Bradbury One Of The Last Of His Kind

One the things I remember best growing up was watching The Ray Bradbury Theatre. The Opening scene where he goes into his study, sits down and looks all about the room to get inspiration for yet another chilling or inspiring story. It could be a baseball or a sword or skull or crossbow. No matter what the object was you were assured that the story would be full of adventure and suspenseful and even stories to inpire your own imagination....more

Some Days I'm Just a Worried Mom....

So lately my daughter has been having some health issues of the intestinal nature which, I have to admit scare the heck out of me. Never have I seen so much blood come out of a 9 year old. So for the past year, off and on, she has been having these problems and going for tests. So today comes and yet again another test. This time it was for a Meckles Scan which checks for foreign tissue in the bowels that can get irritated and tear and bleed....more

The Link To The Old Blog Space This is the link to my old Blog page before I moved it over the new one. On it you will find my older blogs that you can enjoy. I welcome any comments or even critiques. I am continually working on my craft and have always found it helpful when others give their own ideas on my writing. I thank everyone who takes the time out to read my Blog and get to know me better. Blessings to everyone! :)...more

D-i-v-o-r-c-e Canadian Style!!

Whenever anybody asks me what the first thing I decided to do after making the choice to split with my now ex-husband I tell them I poured myself a stiff drink and left the reality till the next day. Then I contacted one of the most respected divorce lawyers in my city and started on my journey of the down and dirty deeds of becoming a divorcee. For some it is simple, sign a piece of paper, wait 30 days and its over. For me it dragged on close to 3 years before I could finally say I was a Mrs. no more....more

The Self Imposed Hiatus- Why it is crucial to your creativity!!

During the last month and a half I have been on a self-imposed hiatus. I had been finding that I was under too much stress and writers block was getting the better of me. Not that I didn't want to write, and engage with the world, it was more of a literal blank in my mind when it came to all things creative which in my experience is not a normal thing for me. So I did the hard thing and tried to turn off and tune out. Being ADHD myself you can imagine this being like trying to climb Everest, but it was necessary that I do it because of this reason....more

The New Blog Site

So I have to change blog pages, what a pain but will be worth it in the end. Couldn't use my old google account for some reason to use Adsense so that is the reason for the change. Hope I don't confuse anyone. Sometimes you just have to roll with it. Here we go......  ...more