Emotional Causes of Menstrual Problems and Affirmations to Healing Them

In my own healing for PMS and period pain, I’ve come to understand, experientially, the powerful connection between the body, mind and spirit....more

How to Recognize the Signs of a PMSing Woman

Last night my friends Joanne and Alex came over for dinner. We were talking about meditation and how it had changed our lives. I mentioned that one day I’d love to create a meditation center and a moon lodge for women.“What’s a moon lodge?” Alex asked curiously.“A moon lodge is a place where menstruating women can go to meditate, rest, find solitude or bond with other women,” I replied.“Wow. Sounds like a place that men should stay as far away from as possible. We wouldn’t get anywhere near it!” Alex responded with a naughty grin....more

Mood Journal: Don't Forget to Enjoy What You Have!

Day 27, 5% Waning Crescent Mood: RelievedMy boyfriend has a habit of taking a 20-minute walk every day after lunch. It’s one of his daily health rituals. I, on the other hand, hardly take a break after lunch. Most of the time I go right back to work.Today I decided to join him for his loop around the neighborhood. We scrolled leisurely while checking out the flowers, listening to the birds and enjoying the lovely weather.It was so nice! I felt happy and alive.But this walk woke me up to a sad reality…...more

Your Journey to Harmony

Maybe you’re alone, suffering from PMS and dealing with difficult menstrual issues in painful silence. Maybe you’re well on your way to healing yourself. Or maybe you have awakened to a calling to serve and love those suffering as you once did.No matter where you are on your menstrual journey, know that you’re not alone, and that all of you have something important to offer others.A journey shared is much more meaningful, and much more fun....more

The Five Things You Need for Mind-Body Healing

To so many women, PMS seems like an incurable illness. But because it’s not a life or death condition, most simply learn to tolerate it, suffering through it month after month. Don’t you just wish there was a magic pill that could take all the suffering away?If there’s such a magic pill, it is your own mind....more

Stressed? Simple Routines That Make a Difference

Someone once said, stress is an inevitable part of life. I think it’s true that no one can go through life without having to deal with stress. And we all have ways to measure the amount of stress in our lives. For me, it’s PMS. When I have PMS symptoms, I know stress has gotten to me.But there’s good stress – which is a natural part of learning and growth; and there’s bad stress – which is the cause of unhappiness and ill-health including premenstrual syndromes....more

Four Lessons on How to Find Your Passion

What is passion, really? Have you ever had an experience where you were ignited by someone’s passion just in his or her presence? Why do some people live with passion and some people don’t? Is passion something either you have it or you don’t? Or is it something that can be discovered and cultivated?A couple of years ago I watched a movie titled Julie and Julia by Nora Ephron, starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams. The movie portraits parallel stories of two women finding their passion and becoming who they are meant to be....more

How to Sync Your Menstrual Cycle with the Moon Cycle

According to our recent poll, 99% of women menstruated on the new moon in their last menstrual cycle. That was 412 women out of 423 women who participated in the poll. Perhaps many of us are synchronizing our menstrual cycle with the moon cycle after all.You probably have heard that in ancient times women menstruated together on the new moon and ovulated on the full moon. I’m delighted to know that the powerful connection between the moon cycle and the menstrual cycle is still very strong today....more

Don’t Forget About Love

Recently I bought a bulletin board and hung it on the wall by my bed. I plan to use it to write down my goals and priorities, so I can see them first thing in the morning when I wake up.One of the things I wrote down was a quote from the book The Lean Startup -- Build. Measure. Learn. It’s a reminder for me to put learning as a priority as I’m building the Cycle Harmony community....more

Create Your PMS Support System

Years ago I had a tough time with PMS symptoms – and felt very alone. I had precious few girlfriends that I could really talk to about the pain, discomfort, and emotional stress that came with my PMS, so most of time I had to endure these dark times alone.Since I created CycleHarmony.com, I’ve come in contact with many women from all over the world who also suffer from PMS or PMDD. Interestingly, most of them thought they were fighting this battle alone as well....more