Dear God

Dear God,I am getting married in a less month! (Of course, You already knew that). In the midst of all that is going on, I wanted to take the time to thank You.  I know I don’t have to write You, but I best organize my thoughts when I write them down, and I don’t want to leave anything out.You have been such a Faithful presence in my life, even when I was angry with You. You never left. When I felt the lack of Your presence, it was my fault. I turned away....more

A Man Named Bobby

I met a man named Bobby yesterday.  He was tall with brown hair and brown eyes. He had a beard.  This meeting between he and I was totally unplanned.  I offered to buy him lunch. He accepted with a quiet nod and a thank you. I told him I would meet him at Torchy’s Tacos.I arrive at Torchy’s and it is packed, as it is noon straight up. If you never have been there, it is very popular and always has a line out the door at lunch.  It is one of my favorite taco places. I snag a parking spot right in front of the door, my lucky day....more

Imperfectly Perfect

My daughter is Autistic.  Four little words that can hurt my heart in a way nothing else can. Words that I never can get use to.  Four little words that killed my dreams for my child, at least that’s what I use to think....more

An Unfamiliar World - Volume 2 - The First Night

I am sitting in a room that has no windows. Well I guess there are windows on one wall, but they just look out into the next room, which has no windows. In this room you don’t know if it’s night or day.  You can’t tell what time it is because there is nothing on the walls, not even a clock. The only furniture in the room are plastic chairs....more

Oh The Places We Will Go!

There are certain numbers in your life that are milestones. There are several of them in a lifetime. Today, my youngest son turned eighteen. Suddenly, magically, he is now an adult. I know there is more to being an adult then a number. The number is just a starting place.He can vote, defend his country, and be held legally responsible for his actions. Yesterday he still was my little boy (I know he would not like that little boy reference but he was). Just yesterday he was playing with toy trucks and having sleepovers....more

An Unfamiliar World

I step out of the car in the dark. I look around for a parking meter and then remember it’s after six and I don’t have to pay. I approach the building with a bit of nervous tension. I am out of my environment, out of my comfort zone....more


Lessons. We all learn them. From the time we are born we are learning. Some lessons are small and some are life changing. I have found in my life that the most painful and difficult lessons are the ones that are most profoundly life changing.  They change me in ways I had never dreamed of.  These lessons started when I was young and continue to this very day....more

The Power of Words

I have always loved words. When I was young the words in a book took me places that I had only dreamed of.  I went on adventures and became people that otherwise seemed out of reach. For me words painted a picture that was so vivid, so real, that for a while I was someone else.It wasn’t until I was an adult that I really understood the power of words. How words can unite people, start a movement, bring hope and yes, hurt. That once a word is spoken, it can’t be taken back. That people will believe words that are untrue and give life to that untruth....more

I Want

I wait in the dark watching the fan in the dim glow of the light in my room. I tense as I think I hear a sound, hoping that it is not my daughter, hoping that she is asleep. She is having trouble sleeping these days and all I want is for her to have restful sleep.  I need to wait a few more minutes before I peek in to see if she has fallen asleep. To distract my self from the worry of Emma, I start wondering what I want out of life.  These are my thoughts....more


Hope, it’s a small word with big impact.  You first learn about the word when you are small. It may begin with a hoped for toy. As we get older in our teens we continue to learn about the word, we hope that our parents will let us go on a trip or we hope that cute boy might ask us out.Our first dances with hope are selfish; the hope is directed back at us.  As we grow and start to think more of the world around us, our hope starts to encompass more; it allows us to be more....more