my blue period

It was too nice outside to wear my dark winter coat. Spring had finally arrived, and I was ready to ditch the heavy parka. A glance in the closet revealed no season-appropriate alternatives suitable for work, so I left the house wearing a black sweater.It began to rain.My gray umbrella helped, but I still had goose bumps as I dodged raindrops on my way into the office. Happy for an excuse to get away from my desk, I drove to the Goodwill Store during my lunch break. My mission: find a raincoat....more

Flipping Off the Voice of Doubt in My Head

Philip is a terrible bird watcher. While the rest of the group advances along the path, my son plops down in the middle of the trail to play with rocks. ...more
BlogHer Oh, how beautiful! Kids teach us to never loose the sense of wonder.more

I know I shouldn't compare

This morning, a coworker and I were discussing our Easter activities with our families. I had shared with her my story and pictures of Philip hunting Easter eggs. My coworker then described how several of her young relatives took turns being, let us say, difficult. The gist of her story was that the three children took turns either being greedy, selfish or declaring the Easter egg hunt that she put on for them unfair....more

Who Is that Woman with My Son?

Who is that woman with my son? She just stands there as Philip messes up the craft. At this table, the public library has a project in which a coffee filter is supposed to be glued to the top of the green rectangle of construction paper to become a flower on a stem. Philip is gluing it in the middle! Wait, is she helping him do it wrong? Why didn’t she point out how the other kids are doing it the right way? She acts as if this gymnasium full of families won’t notice. ...more
hayes080505 That's wonderful that you could see the beauty in his artwork.more

The leftovers

The depleted cardboard roll bounced on the kitchen counter as the last bit of plastic wrap came off in my hand. I contemplated the empty container, wondering if Philip would enjoy playing with it. I touched the sharp edge meant for cutting off perfect-sized segments. Bad idea, I thought. I tossed the box into the recycling pile.The remnant wasn’t enough to cover the bowl of leftover spaghetti and meatballs, so I searched for more. I felt anxious as I switched on the pantry light.Do I have any left? Why don’t I pay attention to these things?...more
mothersapronstrings Thanks so much for the comment. This story has resonated with many people. I ...more

I are college educated

My husband does not have a college degree. I am not passing judgment here, just supplying a bit of background information. You see, when I do something dumb, he might make a snarky comment about the “usefulness” of my degree. Or if I share an anecdote about something ridiculous at work, he might snort incredulously, “And these people are college graduates?!”...more

Best visit to the doctor ever!

"Your card was declined."My bowels loosened at the receptionist's words. I burbled a response. "I'm sorry. I don't know what happened. I'm not sure what to do."It was just past eight on Wednesday. Philip stood beside me at the counter examining the display of Children's Advil coupons. He was in a surprisingly good mood. I had expected tears when we woke him forty minutes earlier, but he greeted us with smiles. And coughs. That's why we were at the pediatrician's office....more

I'm not a doctor, but I play one at bath time

Philip hates doctors' offices.He developed his anxiety early on. I don't know whether he associates getting shots with the exam rooms, but as soon as he sees one, he will cry. In fact, we were at a children's museum with an area set up like a doctor's office, and he cried when he saw the exhibit....more

My flippin' scar

If it weren’t for the scar on my shoulder, I’d probably forget that I ever did gymnastics.It puzzles me still how I ended up enrolled in a gymnastics class at our local YMCA. Maybe I had watched Nadia too many times on TV because it was more likely you’d find me with my nose glued to the tube or buried in a book than exercising. Writing that makes it obvious why my parents wanted me to be active, yet why gymnastics, the epitome of "girly" sports?...more

Not safe for work

A naked woman stared at me from the computer.I fumbled with the mouse until the cursor reached the "x." The attachment closed. I glanced around, relieved to find the adjacent cubicles empty. I gazed at the email attempting to parse the message:How about thisThere was no punctuation to help me decode the sender's intent....more