Big Change for BlogHer: a NABLOPOMO Recollection

R- L from top R: BlogHer co-founder Lisa Stone, SheKnows' Philippe Guelton and Samantha Skey, and BlogHer co-founders Jory Des Jardins and Elisa Camahort PageBlogHer ...more

When a Son Gets Married

I have always known I was blessed in the privilege of our children - not just that they exist but in who they are and how they live. And now, our second son -- our baby, has announced that he's engaged. We are crazy about his fiance and thrilled with their decision; there's no "but..." or "except for." What there is, though, is something more complicated. ...more
I don't normally write in blogs of strangers but I feel compelled. My son, the middle child(20), ...more

Two Little Boys, Ronald Reagan at 100, and the Yankees

Remember when Reggie Jackson was Mr.October?  The guy the Yankees turned to in every World Series, and who had an impact even on their opponents - one of whom is "Sarah and the Goon Squad.".  To many kids kids growing up in Manhattan, Reggie Jackson hung the moon.  Unfortunately, he also frequently got drunk and into fights on homeward-bound post-game flights.  What, you wonder, does that have to do with Ronald Reagan?...more

Want a Feminist Son? Tips From a Veteran

Someone asked me how we raised feminist sons. I don’t have a checklist. And if I were to respond seriously, I’d start with something really corny: teach them to respect people – all people. The elevator man. The bus driver. Their best friend’s mom. The guy at the candy counter. Their friends. Their parents’ friends. Their baby sitter. They were Manhattan kids, but they were raised to think of the feelings of every person they met. Of course, that meant all women, too. That was an advantage. ...more

I agree about respecting all people.

I'd take it a bit further, too, to not making ...more

Holiday Gifts for Grown Kids: What to Do?

Maybe they’re not into Santa anymore, but grown-up kids still need presents. That’s not easy. There are reasons -- lots of them -- why shopping for adult offspring can give you palpitations, especially when they live across the country or the Atlantic or some other version of far away. ...more

This is a great blog! Thank you! I suppose I qualify as the grown child, by a lot of years. ...more

Thanksgiving When All the Kids are Grown-Ups

Life is different when your kids are grown, especially around the holidays. One of my sons lives in London with his new wife, the other in San Francisco with his cool girlfriend. We hardly ever get to be all together, and when we do it’s not for long. This year, as is often the case, it’s going to be Thanksgiving. Although I learned long ago not to get really nuts about it, here’s the truth: When your kids grow up there’s not a lot you can do for them besides feed them and not pressure them to be around when they can’t. ...more

enjoyed your post on thanksgiving visits with your two grown sons. It's a reminder that we are ...more

A New Year and a Chance to Be Better (Really)

But about five years ago, my husband and I began a journey to a more observant life and came to understand that these days -- the Days of Awe -- have a deep meaning indeed. We pray that God will write us in the Book of Life for another year. "On Rosh Hashanah it is written, on Yom Kippur it is sealed." It is a chance to think about how we live -- and love. Of what kinds of people we really are, and how we treat those around us. We repent those sins we know we have committed and those we don't realize we've done. Here's what I wrote about it on my own blog a couple of years ago. ...more

I just wrote the flip side of this - why I don't observe Yom Kippur, but I really loved reading ...more

Toddlers on Leashes, Adults Using EM Finders: What Happens When Someone You Love Gets Lost?

There was a time when I looked with disdain upon parents with their toddlers on leashes.  My mom said things about those families I wouldn’t even repeat.  But first-grader Etan Patz disappeared while I lived in New York.  And before Adam Walsh -- even before I had kids of my own -- I was petrified of those nameless dangers that hover over our children when they’re out of our reach....more

Thank you so much for this post. I can absolutely relate. Not only have I used the ...more

Elder Blogs: The Web Isn't Just for Those Young Folks

Say what you want about the young coolios wandering around the Internet, they aren't the only ones doing the surfing. The primo “elder” site, Ronnie Bennett’s Time Goes By: What It’s Really Like to Get Older has a an elder blogroll – and last time I checked there were 350 blogs listed there. For every one of them, there are dozens who don’t like the label and write in happy solitude. And they write about everything! ...more

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