Do Your Bloomers Feel Needed?

Behavioral Challenges: Do Your Bloomers Feel Needed? Alex wasn't an easy child. Nope. None of my kids were which brings to mind a book I took solace in a long time ago that called difficult kids: high maintenance. That sounded better than difficult and the author also said that they would be more successful when they grew up. That made me feel better....more

Sneaky Mom's Top Ten Ways To Get Your Bloomers To Eat Veggies

If you haven't heard about it, Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to tell their kids that they ate all their Halloween candy, film their reactions and upload the videos to him. I cringed at the resultant compilation. In my mind, it sadly typifies the shift in our society towards mean-spirited humor or humor at someone else's expense. Some of the kids were downright devastated - sobbing even. Now why would anyone want to do that?...more

Stay On The Trail

 My dog Petey has a tumor - a big one on his jaw. It’s inoperable. I don’t know how much longer he’s got.  When I took Petey to the vet he asked me, “How comfortable are you with death?”“Well, I grew up on a farm,” I said.  “We learned not to get too attached to our animals.”“Okay, well, there’s nothing we can do about this tumor,” he said.  And that was that....more

How To Get Your Kids Go Outside And Play

Eco-Friendly Must-Haves For The Backyard. One of the advantages to being a parent is that you get to call the shots. Some parents take this too seriously by being dictators and I don't mean benevolent ones. My experience, however, has been that most parents take it too lightly and as a result, their children have too much power in the family. I remind friends and family all the time: your kids don't get a vote. They really don't....more
I've subsequently added up the cost of all these items and it comes to about $275.00 for ...more

We Put The Fun In Dysfunctional

The inspiration for the first four Bloomers: Bud Inski, Rosey Posey, Silly Lilly, and Big Red. I found a letter I had written many years ago to Bobby with whom I had created our blended family. It's long - almost three pages, single-spaced, typewritten and personal so I won't regurgitate the whole thing here, but on a brighter note, it has given me blog fodder for months to come!...more