Letting go

 I’ve been watching the garden die a slow death.  The plants are in a state of constant stress from the heat and unrelenting drought.  I was just outside looking at my purple beans, a climbing or pole bean with beautiful reddish-purple blossoms.  It’s been covered with blossoms  all summer and the bees love it.  Bean pollen dies if it gets too hot, and it has been too hot.  There aren’t any beans this summer....more

BlogHer Pain

Like most women, my life is generally busy and full.  I run my own business, have a family that I love, lots of activities like training for a marathon and now, hoop dancing.  I have a good life.  The month of June brought some big events, not good but not tragic either, and there was a good amount of residue left when July came rolling around.  You know how it goes:  my practice was full, family members who never come to visit decided that July was the month they'd be here, a dear friend was coming cross-country to visit, it was hopping....more

Oprah reruns show on forgiveness

 Today's Oprah show (now in reruns) featured sisters who had survived years of sexual abuse.  When the show first aired, I wrote a blog post:  Oprah, You let us down.  That post is getting a ton of traffic today and I thought I'd repost the link here, in case you wanted to read it and add your comments to the mix.Blessings,Cynthia...more

"One more thing..."

I received word today that a friend's 31-year-old husband was killed in a car accident - hit by a driver going the wrong way on the highway.A former student of mine had a respiratory infection and died shortly after  - she was 25.Another friend went in for a routine surgical procedure.  The surgeon discovered she had cancer, and it had metastasized....more

"Forgiveness" Oprah, Really?!

Did you the Oprah show? Oprah had a compelling interview with three sisters who survived eight years of rape and incest.  ...more
I agree with the other two comments. I am not a rape or incest survivor but I have been ...more

The work of relationships

I was talking with a friend about Laura Munson’s article, from the New York Times, “Those Aren’t Fighting Words, Dear.”  Munson's husband told her that he didn't love her and wanted out of the relationship, and Munson told him she didn't believe him, then gave him time to work out the issues that were haunting him.  ...more

Face Your Fears

I heard someone say, "Do one thing every day that scares you."  Not the kind of "stick your head in the lion's mouth" kind of scary, but perhaps more along the lines of welcoming new challenges and not letting those pesky inner voices talk us out of them.Sometimes, we have an internal dialogue that says, "I can't do that,"  "I'll fail," or "I'm too ________ to do that."...more

A Fresh Start for the New Year: Rethinking Resolutions

It seems natural to use the turning of the year to take stock of life – to consider what could be different in the coming year.  Many of us make resolutions that focus on something that is “wrong” with us.  This resolution-making is also loaded with guilt, because if you don’t achieve what you set out to do, you can feel a sense of failure.  As we sit at this transitional point,  I want to offer you a different approach to making your resolutions. ...more

Run, Rock, 'n Roll

Am I running away from turning 50?  Or, am I running toward 50 with my arms open wide?  It's a little too early to tell, but today, I registered for the San Antonio Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon.  I only signed up for the 1/2 marathon because I figure if I really like running ridiculously long distances, I can always switch to the full marathon, but I don't have to commit to that just yet.  ...more

The Rock 'n Roll folks are great, I hear the expo is excellent too. Lots of the good ...more

Security Blanket

I’ve always carried a blanket in my car.  Not actually a blanket, it’s a very old quilt, that my now deceased Aunt Ida made for me when I was young.  It has cats on one side and patchwork on the back.  I call it “the cat quilt” and the cat quilt went with me in my first dorm room at UNM, and my first apartment. The cat quilt outlasted my marriage, moves to Texas, Oklahoma, and back to Texas....more