PicOfTheWeek: Pressure Cooker Kidney Beans

PicOfTheWeek: A pressure cooker pot full of kidney beans. It's time for some chili! ...more

Sous Vide Strip Steaks with Maitre d’Hotel Butter

Did you make a roll of Maitre d’Hotel butter...more

Compound Butter with Parsley and Lemon (Maitre d’Hotel Butter)

Compound butter is a chef’s best friend, and is one of the secrets of French bistro cuisine. Maitre d’Hotel butter - with a little lemon zest and parsley mixed in - gives bistro food its distinctive character. Maitre d’Hotel butter is versatile ....more

PicOfTheWeek: Sous Vide Carrot Saute

Finishing Sous Vide carrots with a quick sauté. Still working on the recipe for this one.. ....more

Grilled Bread and Tomato Salad (Panzanella)

When the first tomatoes of summer arrive, I’m wriggling with excitement. I eat them straight - sliced and sprinkled with a little salt. Nothing else ....more

Mellow Hot-Cold Sous Vide Water Bath

Photo courtesy of Mellow I’m a geek. I admit it. I love technology and cooking ....more

PicOfTheWeek: Small Batch of Chicken Stock

When you work on a rotisserie chicken grilling book, you have a lot of leftover chicken. (Ask my kids - or, on second thought, don't ask them. You'll get an earful of whining about "not chicken agggaiiinnn.")So, to use up all the carcasses, we've been having a lot of soup ....more

Fire Roasted Poblano Burgers

It dawned on me recently - I don’t have a hamburger recipe on DadCooksDinner. How can that be?Maybe it is because my favorite hamburger changes often. I was really into blue cheese burgers for a while; then I went traditional - cheeseburger, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles ....more

Book Review: Man Made Meals by Steven Raichlen

I was thrilled to receive a review copy of Steven’s new cookbook, Man Made Meals. (Subtitle: The Essential Cookbook for Guys. Perfect for me, right?)I have to tell you up front - this review is biased ....more

PicOfTheWeek: Rotisserie BBQ Chicken

What are you cooking for Labor Day? Me? I have chicken ready for the rotisserie.(Pictured: my...more