Sunset at Fort Owen

Either there is a God or luck tossed us the long end of the climate change stick, because spring came early last week and bringing with it temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s, it lured Dinah, Kelvin and I...more

DIY Teething Toys for Puppies and Wolves

Our cutest of flesh eating leeches with fur is teething and we’re shoving whatever we can fit into her busy mouth because if you know anything about puppies, then you know that their biting, like depression on pills, only gets...more

Salt Scrub: Recipes and Health Benefits

Living with Missoula’s Martha Stewart means I often get to wake...more

Dinah Goes to the Beach

To Kelvin’s utter delight, one of his most favorite uncles had also returned home...more

The German Shepherd Husky Mix: Meet Wolf Baby Dinah

Our new puppy’s mutt lineage has seemingly...more

Vibram Five Fingers Review: Why You Need Barefoot Shoes

Vibram Five Finger Shoes Quick Facts Overview:...more

Paleo Bars for Meat Lovers: Bricks Bars


Breckenridge Hiking Trails: Bald Mountain (a.k.a. Mount Baldy)

Bald Mountain, comprises much of Breck’s eastern boundary. Rising up just southeast of town, it’s one of those easy to access, beautiful spots that leaves you dreaming...more

Blue Mountain Missoula

Blue Mountain Recreation Area in Missoula is either a...more