Why women endure and pass on the bondage of belief. An Evolutionary Perspective

Why do women today continue to fall victim to an archaic system of beliefs that foster misogynistic behavior? ...more

Codependence Day: In Celebration of a Long and Beautiful Friendship

Being English in America is a rather strange experience come July 4th. After all the whole union is busy inviting each other to barbecues, waving flags, setting off fireworks, and rather ironically singing "This Land Is Your Land" in celebration of the declaration of independence from of us Brits back in 1776. ...more

Meditation: You Say Transcendental, I Say Vedic

Most of us have heard of Transcendental Meditation. Maybe you vaguely remember some phase The Beatles went through, or have caught wind of the David Lynch Foundation's funding of TM programs in schools. ...more

The above hostile post from the ubiquitous anti-meditation activist signed in here as 'ruth' ...more

Dancing In Anger

Self-help books can get a pretty bad rap. ...more

Energy Drinks Encourage Young People To Party Like A Rockstar (But Not Everyone Has Ozzy Osbourne's Constitution)

A new study has linked the consumption of energy drinks to risky and aggressive "toxic jock" behavior amongst young adults. ...more

With Gas At $4-Plus, Some Catch The Bus And Others Miss The Point Entirely

With pump prices acting as strong a deterrent, Americans are putting the breaks on their driving habits. ...more

Shoes By Sign

With the film version of Sex in the City hitting theaters at the end of the month, it got me thinking about shoes. Why is it that some women are obsessed with owning the latest designer labels, while many of us just want to keep our feet protected from the elements? ...more

Skull & Decker: Does Indiana Jones Know He's Chasing Fake Skulls?

Skull & Decker: Does Indiana Jones Know He's Chasing Fake Skulls? Does Indiana Jones, who's back in action this bank holiday weekend in the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, know he's risking life and limb for a bunch of fake artifacts? ...more

Love Guru Mike Myers Explains Why Mariska Hargitay Is The New Namasté

Love Guru Mike Myers (a.k.a. Guru Pitka) explains to talk show host Ellen DeGenere why Mariska Hargitay is the new Namasté (click HERE to view video). Mariska Hargitay is the daughter of 1950's sex symbol Jayne Mansfield and the Hungarian-born former Mr. Universe Mickey Hargitay. ...more