Dealing with Migraines

Migraines: The worst type of head pain you will ever feel in your life. Nearly 1 out of 4 people in the US suffers from migraines. Are you one of them? I am…...more

Are you SUPER Mom?

Moms are super busy people. I didn't really know or get it until I became a Mom myself. Then I started to see and appreciate all my Mom did for me over the years. Really, what would we do without our Moms? From the moment we get up until our heads hit the pillow Moms are going, going, going....more

5 Things I Learned About Boys (In 2 Short Year)

 It seems like just yesterday I was leaving the hospital with my sweet baby boy. I had no idea how to do boy stuff since my first child was a girl. I quickly learned that boys are VERY different from boys!...more

Great Tips to Help Your Anxious Child

When my daughter started kindergarten all our dreams came true for her. She attended an amazing school, she had an awesome teacher, and she made some wonderful friends. She was way more outgoing than we thought she'd be. She had absolutely no problems at all (except liking to go socialize in the bathroom too much!). The summer before first grade was smooth too. We swam almost every day and made lots of memories. ...more

The Truth About Postpartum Weight Loss

So, here I am, 15 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, 9 weeks postpartum.  I saw this coming.  First of all, it's my third baby, so I'm familiar with the postpartum weight loss journey.  But this time, not only am I in my late 30's, but I also gained more weight with this pregnancy than with my first two.  Sigh.  But I lost all of my baby weight with the first two babies, and I know I can do it again! ...more

Easy Ways for Moms to Make Extra Money

Life is expensive, right? As a Mom, it's hard to make extra money sometimes, especially if you are a Stay at Home Mommy. It seems like we are always invited to attend fun play dates or activities that cost money. I'm going to share a few ways I have made some extra money that are (mostly) easy....more
Someone else recommended the Wal-Mart app...why can't it be Target hahamore

Healthy Food Substitutes

Why My Baby is in Speech Therapy

After my handsome baby boy was born I started comparing. He was my 2nd child and I thought I knew how things were supposed to go. I found myself constantly saying "Well, she didn't do that." or "How come he hasn't done that yet?...more

Fun Idea for a Mom's Night In

Planning a Mom's Out just got easy. Have a Mom's Night In!!...more

Fun and Easy Fitness Apps

Are you sticking with your news years resolutions? My biggest resolution is to drink more water.  I'm still going strong and doing great. I've also been working on my fitness. It's very hard as a working mom with kids to fit time in to work out! I thought I'd share a few fitness apps that I've been using to stay on track....more