Hashtag PSL

As much as I love fall, to me, September is not fall. I hate jumping into anything too early and with too much “both feet in” mentality. I laugh at those who wear their full length down coats the first time the temperature dips below 55 (whatcha gonna do when it hits negative 20, sucka?) I refuse to turn on my windshield wipers at any speed above “I can passably see out of the windshield” and no, I’m not ordering a pumpkin spice latte in September ....more

Bits & Bobs

I don’t like olives. In fact, I detest olives. I want to like olives because every word ever used to describe them is typically right up my alley (salty, briney, pungent) food-wise, but alas ....more


Last week I deleted Twitter and Facebook off of my phone. I didn’t have any particular concrete reason or goal. I wasn’t angry with technology or worried about carpal tunnel in my thumb ....more

Wellness Challenge

I shall start this post by confessing that I haven’t worked out in a really long time. Like…since I found out I was pregnant with my now-19 month old child. For reasons that are entirely in the past (and will not be dwelled on), I had surgery, I found out I was pregnant, I was put on modified rest (no physical activity), I threw up for essentially the entire pregnancy, childbirth recovery, breastfeeding woes (limiting cardio work out abilities) and then…well that was a long time off, so hey, this couch is super comfy ....more

Daisy Q & A: Freezer Foods 101

A few readers asked me to tackle freezer meals in a blog post, so here I am talking about all things frozen. I don’t consider myself an expert (this isn’t something I’ve spent a lot of time researching and tend to go with trial and error) but I have found ways to freeze meals and foods so that I’m happy with the result after it has been thawed and cooked. So as a general rule I have two methods of freezing, one for soups/stews/sauce and another for casserole type items ....more

Birthday, Labor Day, Lazy Days

Whew…happy Tuesday y’all. The long weekend was, in fact, quite long (the good kind, not the bad) and I’m looking at a very full September calendar wondering just how we got here – the end-ish of summer, the beginning of a new season. We spent a good part of our weekend celebrating B’s birthday ....more

Your Knees Your Problem

Have you heard the fuss lately about the flight that had to land early because two passengers got into an altercation over seat reclining? It would seem that one passenger was employing this gadget called a “knee defender” that when used prevents the passenger in front of you from reclining their seat. The passenger in the affected seat was frustrated, asked for help from the flight attendant, refusal/words/throwing water ensued, and bam, flight landed ....more


I’m struggling to believe that the end of August is slowly approaching. Didn’t summer just start? Don’t we have many more weekends of barbecuing and sunscreen application? ...more

Daisy Q & A: Balancing Parenthood Between 2 Working Parents

Ok, so next up in the reader questions, Natalie asks: I’m interested in how you and your husband share parenting duties, especially with his weekend commitments....more

For Myself

Right around the time I found out I was pregnant, a good chunk of my everyday wardrobe was in major need of overhauling. During law school most of my investments went to suits and “business formal” clothes, then I found myself in a job where things are decidedly casual (I wear jeans to work nine times out of ten) and quickly my “everyday” was wearing out. Then I was pregnant so everything got boxed up or pushed to the side and I had brand new clothes to wear! ...more