Living with less

I always had the impression that I was pretty good at spring-cleaning. Never had any qualms about throwing away bags full of the old papers and pamphlets, conference materials, note pads from previous work interviews, and business cards that had somehow accumulated in the drawers of my nightstands....more

In her shoes

My piece for the International Museum of Women's Muslima exhibition was published today here. I’ve been thinking about how she encouraged me to be myself ....more

The sisterly bond

One of my fondest memories of my maternal auntie Sanaa, who passed away today, was observing as she and mom embraced, giggled and gossiped as they sat together upon reuniting following a separation of several years. You couldn't interrupt their joy and intent focus on one another. It was as though I wasn't in the room. They shared stories and recounted events from years passed. They spoke as two souls who hadn't been apart for a second, let alone five or ...more

One Life. Six Words.

I'm very excited to be taking part in a dynamic and unique online exhibition featuring Muslim women around the world. The International Museum of Women launched the exhibit, called Muslima: Muslim Women's Art and Voice, yesterday for International Women's Day. I wrote a special piece for the exhibition which will be featured in the coming weeks that I'm eager to share here! ...more

Advice from a tree

SubhanAllah Moment

I love it when I have a SubhanAllah moment. It’s one of those defining moments during which you witness a miracle of nature or are reacting to a turn of events that shows the inherent destiny of things. It reminds you of the perfection in all that God ordains, so much so that in the very instant it happens you say, SubhanAllah, meaning “Glorious is God”. I had one of those moments today....more

SubhanAllah moment

A sharpened pencil

The 40-day spiritual challenge


The 40-day spiritual challenge