Who does the pumpkin carving at the White House?

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I just called the hospital to cancel my induction (is induction the right term?) At 5:00pm today I would of been going to the hospital having dinner there, having some pre-inducing treatment of the cervix and hanging out until tomorrow morning when the pitocin would begin to get this baby OUT. ...more

Girls Wear Pink

Recently I've been thinking a lot about my miscarriage. Things are finally ...more

student pass

If you are a student and won't be using your pass I will buy it off of you. I too am a student and I'm super bummed that the tickets have all been sold out! you can e-mail me at damarispalmer@gmail.com   thanks ...more

Mom-I-am! How to get the stinker to eat?!


Party at Macy's


Food Panel at BlogHer 2008

The food panel today was a blast. It was fun to sit and talk to fellow food bloggers. I updated my blog www.kitchencorners.blogspot.com to talk about the photo tips we got on how to take great pictures of food. ...more