Yoga Selfies Give Bad Karma

I fell off my bike into a pile of goose poo....more

When yoga is more challenging off the mat

With few exceptions, I've never really struggled to quiet my mind during yoga. I went through a period shortly after starting teacher training where my thoughts raced and just this week, I spent an hour trying - unsuccessfully - to still the mind tumbler during a Hatha class. But generally, the mat has always been a place where I can go blank and feel pulled by breath alone....more

Stories We Tell Ourselves

The stories we tell ourselves about ourselves may be true for a time, but they don't have to be gospel forever. Sometimes, we learn they might never have been true. Maybe they were crutches we used to keep ourselves from falling or excuses we gave fueled by fear or shame....more

World History According to a First-Grader

Lots of heavy yoga posts lately, so I thought I'd lighten the mood....more

Thoughts on Mysore

I was wrong about Mysore. I thought before starting the practice a few weeks ago it fueled competitiveness and fed the ego. Maybe it does at other studios ....more

Listening to Pain

It wasn't until I fell into the trash can that I gave myself a talking to. The tumble into the bin came just moments after I crashed into the wall. Twice ....more

Now, the discipline of yoga.

People often ask me how long I've practiced yoga. It's a simple enough question, but one I can't answer easily because while I went to my first class more than a decade ago, I've spent more time off the mat than on it. Serious injuries, tight finances, pregnancies and childbirth all prevented me from going as much as I would have liked....more

Yoga 2014

As last year started winding down, I started to think of yoga poses I'd like to find in 2014. My list grew so long, though, it began to feel a bit ridiculous. I decided instead to divide the poses into themes because I found there were ideas that unified them....more


The alarm sounded earlier than normal, or at least it felt earlier than normal after 11 hours of yoga on Saturday. Nobody was very happy about the abrupt wake up call, either, especially Desmond who bitched a black streak about being dragged to a pre-dawn race to see his sisters run....more

Force of a Thousand Oms

"Yoga's weird and you're weird. That's why you like it." Baron Baptiste In every yoga class I go to, the teacher knows not to adjust me into an intense back-opening pose. They don't mess with me in cobra, locust, wild thing or flip dog ....more