Green Republicans: Do They Really Exist?

Pop Quiz: Off the top of your head, name a prominent Republican who talks a good game about the environment. You know, someone who has proposed a plan to save our planet and has taken action to implement preservation of our natural resources. Someone who has professed his love for Mother Earth, and has not only encouraged Americans to be more Green, but practices what he preaches. ...more

Thanks Elisa!  I knew that Britt was going to be interviewing her and I'm excited to see what ...more

Bush Calls for Immediate Halt of Troop Withdrawals, By Recommendation of General Petraeus

My younger sister, Rachel, received notice that her National Guard unit will be deployed to Iraq in February 2009. It's a little difficult for me to think forward to next year, but when discussing the Iraq War, February is not that far away. Even more difficult to comprehend is my 23-year-old sister going off to war. ...more

Kim, thank you for your prayers.  I  can't wait for the day when all of our troops come home.  ...more


I was angry too. very angry. see above. But Dana seems very contrite and quite sincere in her ...more

The Rise of a New Feminized Majority

As a woman, wife and mother, politics is important to me. We live in a country that is struggling. We're at war in Iraq. Millions of Americans are jobless, have no health insurance and are losing their homes in a mortgage crisis. ...more

even if traditional gender roles as dividing lines suck. To the extent we move towards what ...more

A Letter to My Body: Overcoming My Own Body Image Issues

When Suzanne introduced BlogHer's Letter to My Body project I was very excited to participate. Excited but nervous and scared, as well. For so long I've struggled with body image and my very unrealistic expectations of how I should look and what I should weigh, and I didn't know how I would put my feelings into words. ...more

UGH! how well do I know these feelings. I have created a blog that strives to support women ...more

Election 2008: What will the candidates do to solve the problem of unemployment?

Last month, I lost my job. My employer told me the company had a financial bleed, that the competition was fierce in our region, and because of the struggling economy, he could no longer afford to keep me on staff. Therefore, he axed my position. I was devastated. Not only because I loved my job, but also because my income contributed to my family's well-being. ...more

Steve you make some great points! I've had the same discussion with my father, too. How can ...more

Spitzer Resigns, Call-Girl Revealed, Bloggers React

When the news of (former) New York governor Eliot Spitzer's indiscretions and involvement in a prostitution ring broke out, I shook my head and wondered how the American people wound up with another crooked politician in a position of power. ...more

It sounds as if this young woman needs therapy and help finding a job that doesn't require her ...more

Bloggers React to McCain's GOP Nomination Win

John McCain clinched the Republican presidential nomination Tuesday night, after voters in Ohio, Vermont, Rhode Island and Texas helped him receive just over the requisite 1,191 GOP delegates. McCain's win is an extraordinary comeback since his White House hopes were dashed eight years ago. ...more

Hi Dana,

I just found your blog and you quoting me and I just wanted to say thank you. And ...more

Farrakhan is to Obama as Hagee is to McCain?

Tuesday night, I sat down to watch the Democratic primary debate on MSNBC. Unfortunately, my 3-year-old decided to pitch a fit because I had the audacity to turn off SpongeBob again, to watch "da boring pot ticks." Needless to say I only caught bits and pieces of the debate from my laptop, as the connection was very slow, but it certainly wasn't boring. I managed to see Tim Russert repeatedly question Barack Obama regarding his endorsement by controversial minister Louis Farrakhan, and this exchange drove me mad. ...more

Thanks for sharing that, Dana. Wow - see - I always figure that I have traveled enough, asked ...more

Why I Voted for Barack Obama

Last week I wrote about my excitement over the Wisconsin primary this past Tuesday. What I didn't confess was how much I agonized about which candidate I would vote for. ...more

I think the distinction that Tubbs Jones is both an individual voter and a super delegate and ...more