The Lessons of NY23 (and NJ and VA)

I've been following these races for quite some time and was glued to the television and Internet as the results came in. A big message was sent to three different entities on election night, a message to:...more

Scozzafava Quits Race; Conservatives Send Message to GOP

 Dede Scozzafava, the ACORN-backed, WFP-supported Republican nominee to Re. McHugh in New York's 23rd District, suspended her campaign today amid high negative numbers and lagging support....more

So much for Tea Party / Loesch influence, eh? The voters went the OPPOSITE direction ...more

Free Speech and Double Standards

During a recent interview Michael Moore compared people going through foreclosure to victims of rape....more

It's not fun to respond when you're essentially called a liar and uninformed simply because ...more

Conservative Thoughts on U.N. Opening Session

During the dog and pony show known as the opening session for the United Nation's 64th General Assembly, Holocaust-denier and illegitimate leader of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stopped talking about obliteration of the Jewish state long enough to ironically state "Human beings are all God's creatures and are all endowed with dignity and respect." Stephen Harper and B...more

...the liberal myth all during the Bush administration that if you're just smiley and ...more

The ACORN Sting Gives Me Hope for Journalism

Last week a major organizational tool of this administration was dismantled by a couple of college kids who dressed as the Halloween version of a pimp and a hooker. Two college kids did what the major media would not: expose corruption where it was rampant. ...more

Did somebody piss in your cheerios this morning?  It surely was not me. I thought we ...more

Conservatives Respond to the President's Congressional Address on Healthcare

Conservatives listened intently to the president's congressional address yesterday evening, including me; I watched it with a friend and live-blogged the event while a local news crew affixed a mic to my shirt and videotaped me in the event that my head exploded. I began compiling a round of of what some of my favorite female conservative bloggers had to say in response to the presidential address; most all shared similar concerns.  ...more

...and Al Gore won a Nobel Prize too. AHAHAHAHAHA. Everyone considers the St. Petersburg ...more

Getting a Hall Pass on President Obama's September 8th Address

Thursday I worked with a group of grassroots activists to launch, the alternative to the Department of Education's decision to bypass each state's, each school district's educational hierarchy to deliver the president's September 8th address. I announced it on national television Thursday morning.  ...more

Dana, I didn't see you 'engage' many of the people here who DID have relevant ...more

To Put It Bluntly: People Didn't Bring Guns to Town Halls Until Thugs Started Beating People Up

I agree, the Second Amendment has nothing to do with health care reform, so why are we even discussing it? ...more

Talk about projection...buncha little men with little their little penises and big bad guns.more

Sadly, Kenneth Gladney is One Example that Dissent is Not Patriotic

Kenneth Gladney is One Example that Dissent is Not Patriotic Last Thursday 38-year-old Kenneth Gladney was assaulted in the parking lot outside of an auditorium in Mehlville, in south St. Louis County in Missouri. Judging from video and multiple eyewitness accounts, it seems as though he was targeted because he was both black and stereotyped as a conservative because he was enjoying capitalism and selling Gadsen merchandise. Just a reminder, the year is 2009. ...more

we should always be able to ask questions, be part of the process, and entitled to do without ...more

Is Cash for Clunkers a "Clunker?"

It seemed like a good idea: the Cash Allowance Rebate System (CARS, a.k.a. "Cash for Clunkers") a program aimed at saving the environment by creating a taxpayer-funded program in which people traded in their "clunkers," or perfectly drivable cars with 18 mpg or less into dealerships in exchange for rebates up to $4,500 towards a new, more fuel efficient vehicle. The program was so successful, it blew through its $1 billion dollar funding in a mere seven days, mostly because people like the appearance of free money. ...more

Where are the tax breaks for people who have chosen not to own cars or to share one car with ...more