Take Off Your Corporate Mask – Step Into Your Power

  This month while I’ve been giving my eSeminar to the amazing and brave people intent on developing their own Authentic Leadership Style, I’ve been exploring deep and powerful dimensions of authenticity and sharing them on the blog. One of the elephants in the room when we talk about authenticity is emotional discomfort and even fear. We assume that being authentic – and taking off our “corporate mask” – to allow our authentic self to shine at the office means revealing weaknesses about ourselves that can undermine our career and success....more

The 3 Myths About Leadership and Control At Work

Today’s business environment can be frustrating because we all live with the widely-accepted cultural myths that “someone” can just make a decision that will clear the path for us to get our job done. And yet, the complexity of modern business often puts us in professional situations where no one seems to be able to make a decision – for example, working in matrixed groups where the responsibility for a project is spread between different functional units with “no one in charge.” Often it seems as though the people with the power to make decisions choose not to decide way too often, making our jobs practically impossible and making us feel powerless and out of control.How can you access power in these situations? I believe that the answer to this question is both a solution to work-induced stress and career success – and it is a fundamental distinction between how managers and leaders operate....more

Open Your Mouth, Heal Your Soul

A few weeks ago I witnessed some of the most powerful women I’d ever seen on stage at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Along with 350 others, I had the honor to watch souls heal in front of my eyes, all through the personal power of their voice.The event was sparked by an unusual collaboration of arts and social service nonprofits creating the opportunity for fifteen women recovering from abuse, addiction and poverty that so many of us can’t even imagine. Clients of N Street Village, the Theater Lab and the Kennedy Center came together to produce 90 minutes of soul-wrenching monologues woven together with short plays that, together, told the hopeful story of recovery and strength....more

My Surprise Secret to Work-Life Balance

I’ve been on a conscious, 15 year quest for work-life balance and have actually achieved a great deal of it (throws confetti). Recently I’ve been documenting a lot of my learning’s about what’s worked and what hasn’t during this time, and integrating it into my coaching practice, but it wasn’t until last week that I had a really important ah-ha! that I wanted to share.“Balance” Is Really Not The PointYou see, I’ve always thought of work-life balance as “work-life baloney”, meaning that balance was less the objective than a life that integrated work in ways that meets your needs and desires, even if they’re “unbalanced” through the eyes of others....more

Presence: You Can’t Fake It (Book Review)

When someone you have worked with, known as a friend, colleague and thought leader writes a book – you buy the book and read it. And then you tell the world about it. That’s what I’m doing with Kristi Hedges and her new book, The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential To Influence And Engage Others. My advice to you is to go out and buy it and read it! That’s also why we’re cohosting a webinar, to help you beef up your own presence and get it working for you in your career.Any successful businessperson needs to have a noticeable presence, but women in particular benefit from developing this skill. There’s lots of research that points to the fact that when women stick their nose to the grindstone, get stuff done but don’t ensure others know about their success, their careers suffer. Many of us worry about bragging. What I love about Kristi’s new book is that she provides lots of advice on how to develop an executive presence that helps you gain credibility and influence people in a very authentic way.How To Establish Presence Without Bragging...more

Empowerment Is Bunk - InPowerment Tips

How many years of Women's Empowerment and Employee Empowerment have we lived through? How many of us have opted out in the brain drain, tired of waiting to be really empowered and seeking something more - autonomous?This question captivated me when I started InPower Coaching last year. In my experience and the experience of the powerful leaders I know and work with, success is not derived from the external power we're given, but from the power we bring out of ourselves to amplify it into real world results.Imagine my excitement when I found this video by Daniel Pink, author of Drive (and other amazing books that will blow your mind if you haven't read them), distinguishing empowerment from autonomy....more

Women Are Succeeding in Business (in Part) Thanks to Our Men!

I’ve been on a research quest to understand why The Woman Effect is beginning to help organizations and economies succeed when a significant presence of women in leadership. The fourth reason I discovered hiding in the research turned out to be a happy surprise. As will come as no surprise to many of us – whether entrepreneurs or corporate women - our guys are stepping into help us succeed – at home and in the office.  Women And Men Are Forming New Partnerships ...more

Gen-Y Women: Ready To Save the World?

An open letter to the next generation.I’m old. My generation - either Gen X and the Boomers depending on which source you use – isn’t going to save the world, despite the fact that we’re going to keep trying. Sheryl Sandburg said it best in her Barnard Graduation address in 2011, the numbers just aren’t there for us. It’s up to you, Gen Y....more
 @Dana Theus Thank you, Dana. I am very proud of her.more