The Possessionista: cure to your December shopping hangover - 31 days of fashion/beauty/shopping giveaways

December is like a Friday night in college. You have waaaay too much to drink and end up with a killer hangover, and a resolve not to do it again next week....more

Win a tassel bracelet like Rachel Zoe. Bananas!!!

Tassel Bracelet ...more

Jennifer Aniston's Stuart Weitzman Wedge For Less (or for real)

The Old Navy shoe is very cute!

Stephanie SD

I write about life in Africa at more

If you love to shop, you'll love me.

Hi everyone. I'm The Possessionista, a tongue in cheek look at the art of the shopaholic. I spend much too much time Googling celebrity clothes, and tracking down normal people on the street and asking them where they get their clothes/shoes/jewelry. In real life, I'm a former publicist, celebrity obsessed shopaholic that is using this blog as my last ditch attempt to save money, before my husband stages and Intervention and enrolls me in SA (shoppers anonymous.)   XO The Possessionista   http://tightenyourbelt.blogspot.comĀ  ...more

Hahahaha I love you already! Nice to meet you!


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