Music is Poetry

Music is the poetry of the air. ~Richter Music... ...more
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Poem: What Makes This My Life?

[Editor's Note: April is National Poetry Month, so what better way to celebrate on BlogHer Moms than with a poem by a mom about motherhood? Enjoy! -Jenna]...more



 On a sandy shoreline I sit, staring out at the vastness while pondering life. Warm granules fill the spaces between my toes as I wiggle them. "So comforting" I think to myself as a smile plays upon my lips. Seductively whispering messages of love and promises, a gentle wind blows about my face. Unruly strands of red flutter, tickling my cheeks. "So comforting."...more

Embarrassing Parenting Moments

Embarrassing Parenting Moment # ... oh well,  I've lost count: When your child is throwing a fit that could rival a drunken celebrity on a tirade tearing up a hotel room that causes your neighbor to show up banging on your front door. This neighbor is panting due to the fact that he ran really, really fast to get over there and has an extremely worried look on his face. This neighbor asks "Is everything alright? Do you need any help?" in a very concerned voice as he tries to peek around you and into your house. This neighbor says "I heard loud screaming, crying and banging....more
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Ripples break the mirrored surface distorting reflections of moss covered trees.Cicadas softly call from hidden spaces as twilight fades into the dark of nightA piers' aged, creaking boards stretch outward accessing the deep ecosystem; inviting curious visitors.Cypress trees rise with bony algae covered features from the depths; their knobby roots jutting along the waters edge.Shrill chirps ring as tiny green frogs emerge to sing a nightly chorus echoing through the bayou....more

Not to be feared

 A foggy haze covers the surrounding land   A dampness clings to the air   Bare feet sinking into the sand   Waves crashing as I stare...more
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My Kids Are Spoiled Brats -- but They're Mine

Today I was struck face first by the fact that my children are brats. Yep, I said it! They are ungrateful brats; always complaining about something. It doesn't matter what I do to please them, it's just never good enough. For example: At lunch time today, my middle boy (L) wasn't happy in the least bit. First, he began by complaining about his sandwich bread. Apparently it wasn't to his liking....more
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Finding the way back- Part 2


Trials and Tribulations

 Thinking back... I replay all the amazing moments that have shaped my life over the past year. A couple of the more important ones are the birth of my sweet baby boy and my wonderful family and friends who always have my back. Then, I write about them. Not this time...  this year will be different.  I've realized there are other reasons I should be thankful. Something that I normally wouldn't be grateful for......more