Protective Style on Natural Hair

This past weekend I got my hair straightened, cut, and deep conditioned at Good Hair Day Salon in Duncanville,TX. My stylist Tekayla was a breath of fresh air compared to what I last experienced.  I told her to go ahead and cut all of the split ends that needed to be cut. She continuously asked me if I was sure while she was doing it, I now know why. My hair was at near bra strap length now it is near collar bone length. :''(....more

Social Work the Protected Title

As a social worker I feel a great amount of pride about what I do, but that doesn't make me a social worker. I often hear people describe the profession of social work with a job description. That's like saying a doctor is someone who listens to your lungs and looks down your throat. Though those are things a doctor may do as part of an exam, those things do not make one a doctor. In the same thought a social worker is not someone who assists with food stamps, or works at CPS....more

My experience at the MS Walk 2013

It has taken me a while to write this update following the walk because I had a few unexpected feelings during the event this year. This year as every year I participated in the MS Walk in Waco. My friend was diagnosed several years ago with MS and since I moved out of Waco I had not seen her in several months....more

Perseverance in action DWTS- Part 2

This season on Dancing with the Stars some of us met Valerie Harper for the first time. I personally remember her from her time on the Mary Tyler Moore show and her spin-off Rhoda. (What can I say I was a little adult as a child). What I found inspiring and captivating about her was that she had very recently been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and had been given only months to live....more

A personal prospective of MS

What is MS like for those with the disease? Last week during a routine Facebook browsing I happened upon a post from my friend. It made me for a second feel more like I can understand how she feels daily. What must it truly be like to lose control of your motor skills? I hope that I will never know myself, but knowing that a dear friend experiences this makes me ache for a cure for this disease. ...more

Perseverance in Action on DWTS- Part 1

If you have been watching Dancing with the Stars this year you may know that there are two contestants that are overcoming health conditions to fight for the title. I want to talk about one of those contestants in this blog...Jack Osbourne....more

Tips from a former adoption worker

For a little over two years I worked as an adoption prep worker, which means I prepared children for adoption, selected homes for children waiting for adoption, monitored adoptive placements, and really had to get to know my children so that I could find appropriate homes for them. This work for me was very stressful because families can often look like a good fit and then for some reason the placement disrupts or breaks down....more