June: 8 months


June: 7 months

7 months! So many things happened in just one month, and of course the holidays made it all go by so quickly.  ...more

December Advent

December! What a whirlwind, in more ways than one. More baking than I've probably done in my life, that Costco bag of flour definitely came in handy.  My mom gave me an early Christmas gift, an adorable advent calendar, and each morning Wyatt ran to it to find a little piece of candy and a slip of paper with a fun Christmasy activity on it for us to do today. It was a lot of fun, though we shot ourselves ...more

June: 6 months

Well, the last month (and a bit more) could basically be summed up with one word: sick. This household has had colds, pink eye, sinus infections, and pneumonia. It's been a doozy. Here's hoping 2013 treats us right! ...more

Ya like deals?


June: 5 months

Another month! Thankfully we're over the sleep regression, she's back to sleeping at night. Woo! Which means I am too. She's usually up around midnight and sometime between 4-5. And lately she's been trying to get up at 6, and I've been forcing her back to bed until at least 7.....hoping that ends soon cause it's not awesome. She stays on schedule, and I am awake at 6!  Ideally I'd like us all to sleep in until 7. Both my ...more

Waking up

They said he'd probably sleep for a good part of the day. The anesthesiologists assistant told me to make sure and wake him every hour, to check on him and make sure he's not up all night. The anesthesiologist said today would be a hang out day, a lay on the couch day.  You wanna know how long he was groggy after the appointment was done? Approximately an hour and a half. By two hours, he was getting back to ...more

Going under

A month ago Wyatt had his first dentist appointment, a milestone for sure, albeit a bit late. Meant to do it a year ago, but it kept getting put on the back burner, behind building our house, moving into our house, putting a yard and sprinklers in, and having a baby.  ...more


Spent a wonderful cozy evening with family in Heber. Wonderful end to a crazy snowy weekend! Hope your Sunday was just as lovely!  ...more

Gift Guide for Her

I love to shop. A Lot. And since I don't have millions of dollars (and I could probably spend millions) I find myself doing a lot of window shopping. Online shopping. Catalogue shopping. I love finding pretty things, even if those things are a little ridiculous and frivolous. I could spend HOURS in Paper Source, for instance. Nothing in there is really needed, but everything is gorgeous and well thought out and perfect.  ...more