Walk it

Sweet Potato Biscuits I’ve posted before about how much I love the Farmer’s Market at my office, the market which will be ending for the season in two weeks – eek! ...more

Life is a

Potato Corn Chowder I first started to “really” cook when I was in college, thanks to the lack of a meal plan and a dorm room that included a full kitchen. ...more


Apple Basil Cake Welcome to my...more

I’ll be Gone

Life as it currently is – not really the easiest thing to sum up. ...more

Hold at Night

Black Beans and Rice I though fall had arrived – last week the air had that familiar crispness to it and the humidity was starting to drop to a more tolerable level. ...more

Break of Dawn

Sweet Potato Corn Stew ...more

Counting Seconds

Plov: Vegetarian Style Sometimes I make a dish with no idea what is going to happen at the end – to include if it will even be edible. ...more


DC VegFest It’s not often that I go to an event regarding food and come away disappointed, but that seems to be the trend lately. ...more

Steal My Sunshine

Summer Tomato Sauce Working a Farmer’s Market is fantastic, especially when there are leftover tomatoes at the end of the day! ...more

Happy Birthday Dear

Joe’s Favorite Things Today is my wonderful husband’s birthday – and so I’m celebrating him with a post featuring all of his favorite foods. ...more