A Beautiful Mine

Chile Rellenos When I first saw the call for bloggers to help with a Man Men Party to kick off the last season of the series- I was very interested but a bit perplexed. ...more

I Wanna Marry You

Chocolate Caramel Cheesecake ...more

Don’t We Go

Banana Cream Pie A bit late, but finally have my post from Pi Day! ...more

On Patrol

Spinach and Shells Trying something new with my site, in theory things should now be MUCH faster and hopefully posts/updates will stop disappearing. ...more

Thinking Outloud

Sugar Cookies Not a surprise to anybody who knows me in real life, but I’m a HUGE fan of reading – and have been from a very young age. ...more

Pain in to Power

Persian Raisin Cookies Hello and welcome to March’s Group A SRC reveal! ...more

Fix What’s Broken

Mulligatawny Style Curry I have a curry addiction, I’ll admit it – it’s totally true. ...more

Rain Starts

Cheese”burger” Mac & Cheese When I first went vegetarian, I thought I could just make up a box of something and just leave out the meat – then I started reading labels and realized how so not healthy that option was. ...more

#WinePW Clear to See

Boozy Berry Pie Happy Valentine’s Day!!!! ...more


Found out late last night (2/12) that one of the Dancing Veggies readers WON the Acala package as part of the TripleSBites challenge! ...more