Complications Of Motherhood

Thrilled to be published on Mamalode this month, talking about whether or not we exist beyond our children. There are goldfish crackers ground into your carpet. There is a small streak of peanut butter on the side of your sofa that matches the height of a toddler who just earned the right to walk around while he eats his snack....more

My Breasts Belong To Me

“34DD” she said, and smiled. I looked at her across the brightly lit dressing room. ...more

I Support You:

Sup·port transitive verb \sə-ˈpȯrt\ : to agree with or approve of (someone or something) : to show that you approve of (someone or something) by doing something : to give help or assistance to (someone or something) Full Definition of SUPPORT 1:...more

Motherhood Is A Competitive Sport: 20 Steps To Kicking Everyone’s Ass

Is your baby keeping you up at night? ...more

The (Secret) Truth About I Support You

Want to know a secret? Shhh. Come close ....more

5 Ways To Improve Elementary School

Dear School District, I know that it’s only been a week since my son started Kindergarten, but I was hoping to share a few ideas...more

Dear New Kindergarten Mom

I was honored to...more

30 Ways Breastfeeding and Formula-Feeding Are Exactly The Same

Can I tell you a secret? I’m a little afraid of the Internet this week. ...more

It Won’t Get Better

A newborn’s cry is unmistakable. The hearty, bleating squawk of a tiny human being announcing their arrival, is a sound that etches itself into the cellular memory of a parent. ...more