The Grinches I work for.

All I want for Christmas is my job!! I almost got fired over the holidays! Five days before Christmas this frequent customer to the restaurant I work for asked me for all the names...more

I'm in the finals!!!

"Brynn's Bizarre Behavior" has been selected as a finalist for "Favorite New Special-Needs ...more

Abusive Ignorance

 Wednesday, 20 February 2013...more

Dear Madonna

Dear Madonna, What a great example you were for young girls when you erupted from the shadows with "Star light" some 20+ years ago. (Or so I thought) You were original, appeared self- confident, and refused to compromise who and what you represented....more

"Blossom wherever you're planted!" and the eruption it caused on facebook

Blossom wherever you're planted!...more

Innocent and Trusting Author of comtemporary childrens' books dealing with realitic and social

Shower therapy at 2:30 am!!  Author of comtemporary childrens' books dealing with realitic and social

La creche

I am a half french acadian woman from Nova Scotia so I have difficulty translating certain words from french to english and visa versa so I actually had to translate creche to english using Google. (My father is 100% french acadian and my mom is a 100% english.) This is a project I worked on for weeks. It's a Nativity scene made completely out of cardboard  boxes laying around the house. It appears 3D but is only about 2" thick....more

"Mommy Masrepieces" are not just our children!  Author of comtemporary childrens' books dealing with realitic and social

Not for me!

A few years ago my cousin approached me about an invention she had thought up while she was on strict bed rest while pregnant for her last of three daughters. With nothing much to do and ideas streaming through her mind, she was curious about a pendant that could "entertain" baby during breastfeeding time. This pendant would dangle from a lanyard that mommy would wear around her neck. It would be attractive to baby both through look and feel....more