Goals for this week

1.) This week I plan to eat only one granola bar a day!2.) When I get home from school I will drink a lot of water and either have a small, carb free snack or a meal then go right off to the gym or on a run!3.) On my fanuel hall field trip I won't eat anything, just the lunch my CRAZY healthy mom packed me! 4.) I wont let my emotions get confused with my food!5.) I will lose my first 2 pounds :) ...more

Beginning of Weight Loss Journey-I can do this:)

This is my first blog post ever, and I created this blog to reinforce my weight loss goals. Ive had some ups and downs with my weight, reaching my goal weight at 124 pounds last year. This year I am up to 137 to 140 pounds. I hope to get back down to 124 or even 120 by the summer before my senior year and before I go off to college! Im a really athletic person, I work out a lot, and run a lot! I have no problem with weight lifting and running but I do struggle with over eating and food addicition. I tend to eat way too many carbs, including granola bars and kashi tlc oatmeal cookies....more