People have always thought I was weird for "having a thing" for actresses Geena Davis, Susan Sarrandon, Sigourney Weaver, or musicians like Tracy Bonham, Liz Phair, or Jane Wiedlin. There's that awkward moment when you realize that celebrity you secretly lust after is actually closer in age to your child than you want to admit. ...more

Mental State - My Own Private Idaho

I think I’m depressed. No, not in a clinical “should take medication for it” kind of way, but having a bout of emotional … whatever. I came to this semi-realization last night as I lay in bed not crying myself to sleep. See, I really felt like crying, but in doing so, I would have to talk to my wife who is uninterested in what is going on. She’s busy, doing the last year of schoolwork to get her combination Teaching Certificate and Masters In Teaching, which is tough, but she’s also doing her student teaching as well. Her head is full. ...more


I am Catholic. Whoops, lost a few readers there. This blog post is going to be a bit contrary and critical to the teaching of the Church. Whoops, lost a few more. I was at a loss as to what to write today. This morning at Mass, however, I was moved to write about what I had heard. The Gospel was taken from Matthew 25:   ...more


Where we live is considered a moderate or temperate climate. Summers are not too hot, winters are not too cold. I certainly wouldn’t classify things as “just right” especially with 8 months of grey, but considering some of the alternatives, Seattle isn’t bad. Of course, any difference in temperature that strays beyond the 60 to 75 degree range and we (generally speaking) start to complain, and when the thermostat drops below 50, well, anyway. ...more