DaniellaJoeWe are leaving on a Road Trip a.k.a T/W Bag CAL, and we are expecting a fun time. We are making a crochet bag  so we can  have our supplies and project s  handy when we are on the road, no more plastic bags or  lost hooks, Yes!!  just grab it and you are off....more


It is the last Monday in January and I am happy to announce that I have finished one of the mandalas for my bathroom. I wanted to freshen up the look in my boring bathroom and I choose only 2 colors: gray and bone. These two colors complement my rugs since I am not going to replace them :-) I used several stitches and stayed with the round shape, for this first mandala but I want to use a different shape and different stitches for the last mandala. ...more


DaniellaJoeHello Monday morning!! Hello Lovely People!!Lots of news around here: my mailman handed me my bag of 100% wool yarn, two days ago. It is very lovely b - u - t it won't work for my warm big yarn blanket, so I am returning it.I need a combination yarn, a yarn that is heavy and warm, a yarn with substance. I am still looking......more


I am entering 2015, hoping to improve my skills as a Crochet Artist. I want to learn new techniques and stitches and learn about yarns. 2014 was good and I learned a lot, here are some projects:   ...more


I love long crochet projects. I love the way the design develops, stitch by stitch.I started my lace tablecloth the first week in January, and now it is 44 inches wide...more