Great Gifts Less Than $10 for Tweens

Yikes! Holiday is almost here and I'm not done shopping. Time to pull out the cheat sheet. In my day job, I spend the year hunting for the best gifts for kids in each grade, from preschool through high school. This year, we decided to pick the best gifts that cost under $10. If you're feeling thrifty this season, check it out. Here are three great picks for tweens that will only set you back a ten-note or less: ...more

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Thanks for the comments! Agreed. Shopping for kids this age can be scary. ...more

Great Gifts Under $10, for Kids in Third and Fourth Grade

Better break out the wrapping paper and ribbon, because we're knee deep in holiday shopping season, baby. If you're like me, you're shaking your head, asking where the time went. Well, wallets, rejoice!: There's some seriously sweet loot to be had for less than $10, for all the kids on your list. ...more

Great Gifts Under $10, for Kids in First and Second Grade

Thanksgiving is coming, and you know what that means... holiday shopping is about to get ugly. If your piggy bank is looking a little empty this year, you're not alone. We've all been doing some pretty mournful shaking... The good news is, there are plenty of great things you can get for all the kids on your list that ring in at $10 or less. I know because I've spent the past six months combing through them! ...more

What were your favorites from that blog? Always on the hunt for cool science things for my ...more

Great Gifts for Young Kids...Under $10!

For the past six months, our office has been full to bursting with more toys and gadgets than you can shake a stick at, as we worked to pick 15 fail-safe gifts for each grade level, from preschool through high school. ...more

Hear you on the pilates ball. Similarly, another gift my toddler would love to get under the ...more