The Necessary Silence of A Nice Guy's Victim

It had been just over three months since the day my ex had disappeared from our home, choosing to hide at his parents house, telling me about his infidelity via MSN Messenger. I wasn’t surprised by the confession; I had suspected that something was up for the last six months, but because of the abusive nature of our relationship, I didn’t dare make such an accusation. When I later told people about his confession, and the medium he used, most were stunned, and offended for me. For some reason, it’d never registered with me that I should be angry at the way he chose to confess his sins....more

Depression Is...

You don’t know depression? I do. I know it well.Depression is attempting suicide for the first time at fifteen. Forever, you’ll remember the way the sun felt on your skin, a poetic irony,  as you lurched to that overpass. The tears fell hard, continuously, and still no one understood the mania, or the urgency you felt to get to that concrete railing, and just fall.  Make it all go away, you said. Make it all go away, so you could just rest....more

A Little Rejection Is Not Always a Bad Thing

The sting of rejection is hard, but it's not ever personal. You can make it personal, and oh, I've made it personal in the past. When you are this invested in yourself, in your career, it really is hard not to take the rejections or the turn downs, as a personal slight. However, if I didn't feel hurt, just a little, it would mean, I just don't care anymore. How can I be a good writer if I just don't care? ...more
COngrats on getting your articles published!! It's hard to put yourself out there especially ...more

Taking Mommy Time Outs Will Ruin Your Children?

Our absence in the early years, even as little as an hour here and there, could lead our adolescent children to believe that ignoring someone else's needs to get their own needs met will make them treat others terribly. Wait. What? I won't lie, I raise my eyebrows when a new mom of less than three months is out without her child. It's weird to me -- because I could have never done that. I understand that feeling of frustration that comes with being the primary caregiver, and I know the way you cry when all you want is a 20 minute shower without hearing a cry, or being asked to do something. ...more
OMG! Thank you for your honesty!!!! LOL @ (I love my kids; I love their little guts, don't doubt ...more

Don't Become Internet Scum, Son

But, dear son, I hope most of all that you do not turn into the vile creatures that seem to loom in the bottom of the internet. I will love you, of course, because a mother's love is enduring, but I can't say that I will support you. No, I know I will not support you, and I will expect that you will take accountability for your actions should you find yourself mingling with such disgusting scum. Because, yes, that is what they are, these people who lurk in the crevices of the internet and believe their needs trump the basic rights of others. They are scum, and you should know that, first and foremost. ...more

La Leche League Rejects Transgendered Man, So I Resigned

When I began my journey to becoming a La Leche League Leader, if someone had told me I would send my resignation a few short years later, with a flourish over a transgendered man, I would have raised my eyebrows, and laughed.Yet, here I am. ...more
Thank you for speaking out and sharing.  Hopefully as suggested in the comment thread, this will ...more

Putting the Stat Monster to Bed and Writing for Writing's Sake

Have you ever felt like there is a shift happening in your life? One that doesn't seem to be happening for any rhyme or reason, but the air feels different, you close your eyes, and it feels as though the world is stopping, waiting for you to make your next move. Problem is, I feel like I am waiting for the next move to find it's way to me; I'm doing everything right... I think. This past week, I received my first, real rejection letter. ...more
Wonderful article.  I doubt there is a blogger or writer out there that doesn't get caught up in ...more

Dear Farrah: Don't leave Sophia.

Dear Farrah, I know you don't know me, and I don't know you. I mean, I've watched you go through your pregnancy on television (16 and Pregnant), then watched you parent your beautiful daughter, again on television through the show Teen Mom, so it feels like somehow I know you. I don't always agree with you, but I appreciate your spirit and tenancity.  ...more

The Break Down of A Wine Bottle

We all do it. Okay, well most of us do it.We have those moments where we rush to our wine rack, or to the nearest liquor store and grab our wine of choice, then proceed to drink it (however you wish, of course).  Generally, this action occurs after a rather intense day (or maybe morning, if you see fit), sometimes in celebration, or sometimes for no good reason at all.  I don’t do this nightly, or daily by any means.  This intense ravaging of my wine rack happens only on very special occasions....more
OMG...hilARious!!!  I have a girlfriend or two or three who will appreciate it!  Must share!more

An Open Letter Regarding Abandonment

Dear Person with No Filter,...more
Well, you told them :) Birth Mothers are very dear to my heart. People are very callous and say ...more